Yeshua’s Birthdate Proved.

‘The Mary-based Catholic Religion that was created using the name of ‘Jesus’ by the Roman Emperors, and of its Christian offshoots therefore has absolutely nothing to do with the faith of Yeshua, the Messiah that was crucified by those same Romans in Jerusalem.’ 

‘Most of the practices now found in Christianity, were never performed or promulgated by Yeshua or his followers. He was a Jew, a Synagogue and Temple-frequenting, Kepa-and-Tallith-wearing Hebrew who practiced a very tolerant form of Judaism. He never created a Church neither did he himself, ever set a foot in one. As a matter of fact, Churches never existed till more than three hundred years after Yeshua died.’

‘Anyone truly willing to follow and emulate him, should first wait for all the demystifying revelations that we shall verbally give to this, our little messenger; then read the account that was left by her ancestor, as she will give it later on, before they can continue.’

‘Because as he said himself, everything he did, all people can do; and it is only through the Mysteries – that he and his ancestors before him had mastered-, that it can that be achieved. It cannot be achieved in any other way. That is done only after Divine Realization has been achieved. Not by kneeling before crosses and hand-made idols; but by living as he lived, worshipping God as he worshipped and practicing what he himself practiced and preached; and most of all by Realizing one’s Divinity.’


‘After the Temple had been destroyed in Jerusalem by the Romans after all the Jews had been scattered abroad, being sold into slavery, and after most of Yeshua’s true followers had been decimated, the Religion that took over the world was the Roman Catholic Church. For Rome controlled most of the then civilized world as Earth’s ruling empire. All Jews had been forcefully sent abroad, and none were allowed to set foot in Palestine again.’

‘About 230 years after Yohanan (or John), one of Yeshua’s apostles wrote his book of Revelations, the Roman Empire was virtually separated in two; one part in Europe, the other in the Middle-East. Then their authority was constantly undermined by ferocious attacks by the many factions of revolutionaries that existed throughout the occupied territories at that time.’

‘Finally, the Roman Empire was reduced to being called the Byzantine Empire, after the city of Byzantium, which King Constantine made the Empire’s capital, and later named Constantinople, after himself.’

‘He then split this in two, by starting his own Religion based on the Jewish faith, after having seized and confiscated most of the manuscripts kept in Jerusalem and other Synagogues throughout Israel. He had also seized those written by Yeshua’s apostles, and the ones the apostles had received from their own parents; with writings from the early prophets, as it had been customary. Which custom we encourage Man of today to also take up, to discourage such falsifications as were done by the Romans, in future.’

‘As the Roman Empire declined, the Holy Papal Empire, hiding behind the name of ‘The Holy Roman Catholic Church’, rose out of its ruins. And that decline had begun from about year 185, ending with year 476 of the Christian Era; the Empire by then had had a population of 120 millions. Thanks to this Papal Empire, Rome continued to rule the world for a further one thousand years.’ 

‘Constantine, an Ishtar, Apollo and Satan worshipper, had decided to create a Roman State Religion, he had also been determined not to abandon his pagan practices.  His Church kept the original pagan worship of Ishtar that took place near the time when Yeshua was crucified; and the new worshippers were lied to, that it was to commemorate ‘Jesus’ death. The name of Ishtar was therefore, modified and replaced by the innocent sounding Easter, 400 years after Constantine’s death.’

‘It was therefore the Roman Catholic Church, the world’s religion that brought Christianity to Earth; and Christianity no matter which sect it is, is the product of the Roman Catholic Church. Since as Humanity knows, the other groups began to be created when many nations protested and began to rebel against the Roman Church; after realizing that it was still the Roman Empire, only under a different name and in the guise of a Religious Denomination. But we want to tell Humanity the truth, once and for all and to help those who shall follow our messenger, this young lady to whom we are giving our latest message.’

‘Our Leader Yahweh ordained a calendar that was supposed to be kept by all of Humanity, and which we are pleased to say, is still being kept by the Jewish people of today.  We shall recommend those who will belong to the new Essene group to do the same but only in regards to the Religious festivals; for their practices in the Mysteries. By that we mean they should observe the Jewish religious festivals, not the Christians ones.’

‘The calendar that was given is lunisolar, and months are reckoned according to moon, years according to sun. So to reconcile lunar years (354 days) with solar years (365 days), one month is added to lunar years seven times in 19 solar years.’

‘Leap years occur in the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 11th, 14th, 17th, and 19th years of fixed cycle established in Temple time. With twelve months in an ordinary year; and 13 months in a leap year; and months have 29 and 30 days. We give you these precisions on account of Yeshua’s birth date which was a leap year…’

‘And with these precisions, we repeat that Yeshua was not born in December; we will also prove it. Christmas is nothing but another Christian paganist festival that should not be observed by any follower of Yeshua. Although there is no indication whatsoever in that ‘New Testament’ book, that ‘Jesus’ (or Yeshua) was born on December the twenty fifth, people cite Mathew’s passage in Chapter 2:1-2 to justify Christmas; which they say is a celebration of the saviour’s birthday.’

‘Humanity keeps this annually on December 25th, the time of the winter solstice when the daylight portion is at its lowest, and the sun begins to come back a little longer each day afterwards. But nowhere in the Bible can it be found that Yeshua asked his disciples to celebrate his birthday. Or that the apostles or any other of his future followers ever observed that particular birthday celebration.’

‘Neither is there recorded in the Bible that they kept such strange customs as cutting a Christmas tree, dressing it up and covering it in multicolored strings and garlands.  Neither is there recorded that they kissed each other under a mistletoe sprig, cut and burned or baked ‘yuletide logs’, or exchanged expensive gifts.’

‘No, they never did, because this festival was a pagan festival that went against Yeshua’s faith which was also their faith. It was against the Law that Yahweh, our Leader, gave to Humanity. Let those of today who claim to be Yeshua’s disciples follow his example. Yeshua (Jesus) and his disciples never kept Christmas, and none of his early followers kept it. It is wrong for you to do so, at least not in the name of Yeshua. 

You must follow the Laws they followed, celebrate the same feast days as they celebrated, and thus return to the ancient path, as we Elyonin do ourselves. It is perfectly acceptable to have a tradition of celebrating the lovely season of Winter, with its white snows, especially for those who enjoy giving presents to their children, but that tradition should not at all  be in the name of Yeshua.’

‘Therefore our followers, who shall worship with Desiree, should call the Winter Festival by the name of Noel, not Christmas. It is normal for all cultures to have customs and traditions, and since the Christmas tradition is now established, we say, let it continue.’

‘Children never like to be left out when others are enjoying something. And since Christian children have grown to expect presents at that time of the year, you must also make a point of dressing a tree and buying presents for your loved ones, and make that time of the year an occasion for family gathering and of exchanging presents. But do not do it to mark Yeshua’s birth.’

‘His birth should be celebrated ten days before the festival of Passover, which you should not omit to celebrate. We recommend you make it an occasion to enjoy giving more presents to your children; they will love it. Christmas is rooted in paganism and was a heathen celebration that was being kept centuries before the time of Yeshua. To claim that Jesus was born at that time is a lie.’

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