Yeshua’s ‘Transfiguration And Ascenscion

‘Another thing we want to briefly comment on for the purpose of your book is the month of Yeshua’s birth. Contrary to what has now become known all over Earth, Yeshua was not born in the month of December.  He was born ten days before the day of the Hebrew Passover Festival, as we shall demonstrate to you later. The person that was born during the month of December was his fellow Essene and relative, who later became known as John the Baptizer (Baptist). Proof of that can still be found in some of the books of the ‘New Testament.’

‘Also, we shall enlighten Humanity about that ‘star’ that was supposed to have led the ‘Three Wise Men’ to Bethlehem.  As many of your scientists and astronomers can now prove; it was of course, not a star that had led them. There were actually three space vessels that guided them. They had been met by our messengers, who had been sent to fly them to where the child was. But they had all been afraid and had refused to climb into the space vessels.  That is why the messengers had been forced to simply guide them on their way, with a spotlight from the vessels.’

‘You must understand that we never force people to come with us in our vessels.  Only, sometimes our Human messengers would get into our vessels after being invited. Then out of fear they panic, and try to flee, without realizing that they had a choice to come with us or not to come. Only after, would we realize that they had been very frightened, after they had written, or talked about it.’

‘After the Three Wise Men, who were adepts in the Mysteries had been individually met by us, they travelled together and were led by just one space vessel, that later positioned itself above the right stable, to show them where the baby Yeshua was.’ 

‘The next thing we want to comment on is the story about Jesus’ transfiguration, and his ‘ascension’ to heaven. As I think we have already told you, a lot of the Biblical stories are incomplete. And those of the part of your Bible called the New-Testament are very heavily falsified.’

‘The original writings of Yeshua’s apostles were seized by the Romans. It was they who, when they decided to create a Roman State Religion using Yeshua’s name, ordered their scribes to change the accounts of the apostles, and write them anew to suit their own needs and to perpetuate their pagan beliefs.’

‘We urge everyone who deems themselves followers or would-be followers of Yeshua to wait for, and learn what we shall tell this, our young messenger, before they make their own minds. We therefore say that the events retold in the stories of the ‘transfiguration and ascension’ occurred the same day.’ 

‘For a long time Yeshua tried to teach his followers about the Mysteries, but it was very difficult for them to understand the very deep concepts he was discussing, seeing that a lot of them were simple and illiterate peasants. On many occasions he tried to tell them about the many meetings that Yahweh, our Leader, regularly had with him in the mountains; and he also taught them about us Elyonin. 

‘And when he thought that they were ready, he brought Peter, John, and James, and another young Essene man – a Levite named Pinchas – with him, in order for them to witness one of those meetings with Yahweh, our Leader.  That Levite by the way was your ancestor Pinchas, Desiree…

‘They witnessed Yeshua being taken up by levitation into one of our space vessels.  Before Yeshua went up, he told them to go back to the village and come later that night to meet him. But when they saw this, they remained were they stood looking up toward the sky.’

‘One of our officers that had been left behind to watch them and be sure that they left, felt obliged to go and say to them: ‘Why are you standing here looking in the sky? Yeshua shall come back tonight the same way you saw him go. So do not worry and go home.’

‘That was the story of that famous “Ascension” and it definitely took place a long time before Yeshua died. Of course those who have read that ‘New-Testament’ know how that story was told after it had passed into the hands of the Romans.’

‘Late that night Peter, John and James were back waiting for Yeshua, as he had commanded them. When the space vessel returned, Yeshua was levitated back to the ground accompanied by two space people or Elyonin. The place where they stood was illuminated by a very bright light from the vessel, which was of course above and slightly behind Yeshua and the two Elyonin.’ 

‘Unfortunately the scene was too much for the primitive Apostles. Yeshua had remained very long in his consultation with our Leader, in fact it was early morning when he returned; and by then the disciples had again fallen asleep. Peter concluded that the men with him were Moses and Eli’jah. He was terrified and became delirious, proposing to build altars for Yeshua, Moses and Eli’jah.’

‘It was then while he spoke like that, that Yahweh, our leader, spoke from the space vessel, which is described in Luke 9:28-36 as a ‘cloud’. The end of Yeshua’s story should be taken as it is in the book of Matthew, in which there is no question of ascension after death.’

‘But Desiree, since we know that your ancestor Pinchas left a very faithful account of his time with Yeshua, during his childhood and the whole length of his ministry, we shall leave you to write that account in a book as it is a very accurate one. For now we shall continue with our message.’

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