Yeshua’s Birthdate Proved (continued

‘How can the pagan Christmas be his birthday if it was already being celebrated hundreds of years before he himself was born? However the Jews at the time of Yeshua did have the habit of gathering together at that time of December, when the Romans celebrated their pagan festival. That was usually two or three weeks before the roman Christmas Day.’

‘You see, the Romans usually eased off and sometimes even stopped their persecution of the Jewish people at the times of their festivals in order to concentrate on their orgies. This left the Jewish people with some respite. Thus they too profited to gather together and pray in peace without any fear of being disturbed, scattered or arrested by the Romans. And Yeshua followed this tradition with the rest of the Jewish people’.

‘Such a period, Hanukkah, is still observed today; if you want to have a religious festival in December, make it be known that, that one is the one you are celebrating.’

‘Yeshua therefore was a devout Jew, his birth had been planned by Yahweh, our Leader, all around the Jewish festivals and the Hebrew calendar as we shall prove.  So Jesus the Christian Christ has nothing in common with Rabbi Yeshua-Bar-Joseph of Nazareth.’

‘The Hebrew calendar as we just described to you, is what Yahweh gave to Moses, by which to calculate the feast days which were given in Leviticus 23.  In Exodus 12:2 you may read:

‘This month shall be unto you the beginning of months: it shall be the first month of the year to you.’

‘And this is how we Elyonin count Earth time:  according to the Hebrew calendar, or Yahweh’s calendar. It is a lunar calendar, it should not be the solar calendar which the Romans forcefully imposed on Humanity and which is now best known.’

‘In the Roman calendar, the New moon comes during all different days of the month.  The winter solstice always comes at Christmas time. But in the Hebrew calendar, the new moon always marks the first day of the months, and the Winter Solstice comes in different days of the month.’

‘There are 365 days in the Roman calendar, with a leap year of one extra day every four years. There are 354 days in the Hebrew calendar, with whole extra months added to the leap years.’

‘Our feast days for us Elyonin, are celebrated on Earth by the Hebrew calendar.  For instance, Passover comes on the fourteenth day of the Hebrew month Abib. It can fall anywhere from March to April by the Roman calendar. It is not kept the same day every year by the Roman calendar.’

‘Now if even Yahweh, our Leader, commanded Humanity to celebrate Yeshua’s birth, which he definitely did not, it would be kept according to the Hebrew calendar on which he was born; that it, no matter when it was, would always fall on different days according to the Roman calendar, because no Hebrew date falls on the same Roman Calendar date every year.’

‘Even if Yeshua was born during the time in the Hebrew calendar, which would   correspond with December 25, the next year it would be on a different date to remain on the same Hebrew calendar date. But as we have said there is a Hebrew festival that is celebrated early in the month of Kislev (around December). It is called Hanukkah.’

‘Therefore it is the will of God the Mighty One, and of Yahweh, our Leader that the festivals of God are not regulated by gentile calendars, but by the calendar that he gave to Moses. Besides, the fact is that neither Yahweh nor Yeshua ever gave instructions to celebrate the birth of Yeshua as a holy day. There is also the fact that Yeshua was not born on or near December 25.’

‘This can be proven from the Bible. In fact, even the true date when Yeshua was born can be proven from the Bible.’

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