Transmigration to Earth.

‘As you know now, the other activities that the members of the Council of the Wise pursued were Science and Government. All these people having an incommensurable knowledge, they no longer learnt. Instead they created. They created beings of different sizes and looks and colour, and personalities and of different elements.’
‘Not only that, they could manipulate whole planets, they organized and placed them in a way that they remained in their proper spheres and moved thanks and in concert to the movements of each other.’
‘They had such a technological level that everything was reduced to the state of mind; that is, sometimes one could create anything as fast and as far as the mind could think and see it. The limit of their creative abilities went as far as they could think them.’
‘But Lucifer even after having been made a member of the Council of the Wise, still could not shake the feeling of envy, hatred and jealousy, that he felt toward our Yahweh, and was consumed with the burning need to detach himself from his authority and influence in the Council of the Wise, and to become a god in his own right.’
‘He therefore opposed him in everything there was. He opposed every one of his suggestions and advanced his own, which he always thought were better. As this Council was a kind of political one, a kind of Senate; he made himself leader of the party opposing Yahweh, and began actively perverting the minds of the otherwise good people that the others were.’
‘He told them that they needed not submit themselves to the laws of God, or of the Council, or listen to Yahweh; as they had so much knowledge that they could create their own planets, make their own types of beings in them, and install themselves as gods over those beings, without having to render any account to Yahweh or to worship God.’
‘He told them that Yahweh was lying to them about the existence of God, and that they were all in fact worshipping none other than Yahweh himself, who wanted to remain supreme ruler over them, which is why he had not told them the truth.’
‘Many of these good people were soon tempted by Lucifer’s offer to them to detach themselves and become gods in their own right; and angered by his proposes over Yahweh lying to them, they all began to listen to Lucifer instead of Yahweh and us, their old friends of the Council of the Wise.’
‘Because of Lucifer’s machinations and through Divine Revelation, the Plan of Salvation in our world again became primordial:’
‘People of our world, as Souls, would have to transmigrate from our Home world to a totally different alien Galaxy, out of their bodies into totally alien bodies composed of elements totally different from the former ones and into atmospheric environments totally different from the ones they had lived previously.’
‘These beings shall be in a condition of total amnesia, thus they shall not remember the astronomically high technological knowledge they had attained, and the things they could do. These people shall be reduced to such an infinitely low level that they will have to begin to learn everything from the beginning. In fact, their level of knowledge should be nil.’
‘Then they shall be told all over again about God, and about how He had created and loved them. Those who shall believe in, accept and love Him even though they have no way of verifying His existence; shall be allowed to go back and live in our Home world. Some might go immediately after their stay on Earth once their lessons had been learnt and are verified to have been learnt if they wished to go back.’
‘Those who, once they had transmigrated on Earth, do not get the opportunity to hear or learn about God, those who know but doubt, and those who totally reject Him will be made to return and try again. After the allocated number of chances, there will be no more opportunities for them to transmigrate to Earth. But even then life will continue.’
‘However, those who not only totally reject God, but make or teach others to do the same will be immediately stopped from returning altogether, and their transmigration cycle will be switched off irrevocably.’
“Even then they will still have a choice. Once they return, their lives will no longer be extended and they will be allowed to die a natural death, never again having to the Eternity Operation; to be dealt with by God in whom we all still believe.”
‘They will be free to join the ranks of the Fallen Angels and thus become subjected to the authority of the lowliest man on Earth. That is what we call Eternal Hell in our world.’
‘Yahweh the Leader of our Council of the Wise decreed that if the first part of the scientific experiment was a success, he should come himself, in the same way as the others scientists. To make sure that the people created would only ever believe in and worship the One True God, the Eternal Father.’
‘Lucifer, when he heard the exposé of the plan, immediately stood up and declared that he should be the one to go and be the Teacher. He said:’
“By what you have said, why should anyone have to perish? I was the first one that was created so I shall go and be the Messiah on Earth.’’
“I shall be known as the Only-Begotten and all those who shall safely come back; whether they believe in and accept God or not, whether they are very good or extremely bad, no matter how many crimes they commit, since they shall be in a different world, and shall be born into amnesia and live in an amnesiac world, will not be made accountable.”
“In return, I want to be made god in that Galaxy. I want it to be mine to do with as I please.”
‘Our Yahweh said: “Wrong! That is the aim of the whole creation project, for many of you here are not perfect and present a great danger to our peaceful world, and to all the infinite and eternal system! The aim is to root out this evil of atheism and rebellion and to bring back the world of God to our Universe the way it was; a happy world without unbelief, without hatred and dissent.’’
“So I decree that Man, as the people of our Home World shall be known, even though he shall be born amnesiac, he shall go out of Earth with the perfect recollection of all his earthly life.”
“And a faculty which shall be placed in him called ‘conscience’ shall make that recollection a truthful one. Thus, Man shall be judged by his own conscience, which shall remind him by playing back all his past deeds at the time of his coming out of Earth.”
“But we have the Son within each one of us. God within shall be the Redeemer.”
‘Lucifer again saw his chance of being God slip out of his grasp. For he was very sly, and if Yahweh had agreed, he would have ‘sold the whole of Humanity’s birthrights just the same way as Esau sold his, later, to Jacob.’
‘Lucifer would have turned all the new Creation to his side. He would have inherited the powers of the Son within, which powers were denied him at his creation and that he did not have at the time of his fall. Such powers accessed by such a person would have been deadly. There could never have been two gods, for the evil Lucifer would have taken the power of the Son and destroyed his Creator.’
‘O Man of Earth, here is wisdom. Know that the death of any ‘Divinely Realized’ Messiah was to be the accomplishment of the second part of the experiment on the scientific level:’
‘The return transmigration of the initial soul out of Earth, and out of a human body back into its former world and element and into a body of the original world without any harm coming to it, and with the total memory of its life on Earth.’
‘After Yahweh announced his decision, he said: “Your free will starts here. All of you shall vote and choose which of the two of us, myself or Lucifer, you support. You heard what we both had to say.”
‘Elections were therefore held. Two thirds of the people voted for Yahweh and a third voted for Lucifer. So Yahweh won. Lucifer, ferociously angry at again losing against his enemy Yahweh, called his followers to war. His decision was that they should kill Yahweh and do away with his rule over them, as he stopped them from realizing their dreams of becoming gods.’
‘That War, which did not involve just the population of one world, but of whole Galaxies, was a horrible one; and Lucifer lost.’
‘The reasonable thing to do was to take away a third of powers with which Lucifer and his followers were endowed. They were chased from our Galaxy, never to return; and were allowed to live in this Galaxy of the Milky Way, but not to have human bodies, and neither with power and knowledge to create any as golems.’

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