“Know therefore that the SERPENT, as well as the four I have already told you about, namely Lucifer, Leviathan Satan and Belial, comprised the following princes who were the leaders of the Watchers:’

‘Samyaza, Arstikifa, Armen, Kakaba, Tura, Rumiat, Danal, Nuka, Baruqa, Azaz, Armers, Batari, Basasa, Auana, Simatisi, Ietar, Tuma, Tar, Ruma, Izeza.’

‘There were also officers who had been heads of armies with millions of others at their command; and at their head were:’

“Yekum, Kesab, Tenémue, Kasyade, Amazarak, Urukabaram, Akibe, Tami, Gadral, Ramu, Azka, Sarakmy, Aza, Anane, Zavebe, Samsava, Erta, Yomya, Araza, Barkay, and Asarad.”

‘Those are the ringleaders amongst the Watchers who, with their armies proceeded to defile and destroy the pure Human Race that we had so painstakingly and lovingly created.’

‘When they later presented themselves to Humans, they added ‘el’ as a suffix to their names to sound more divine; since ‘EL’ means ‘God’ …  But what exactly happened?’

‘Kingu, or Lucifer as you call him on Earth, came to the Commanders of the Watchers that we had left on Earth to guard the Human Race. He tempted them to make a pact with him and his companions, urging them to rebel and unite with him against us. He promised them to make them all gods if they allied with him and went to fight us, Elyonin, in order to appropriate all the planets that were part of our Alliance and to chase us out of our galaxies.’

‘That pact is clearly described in the eighteenth chapter of the Book of Enoch. 

“And he told them that, to show that they were willing to ally themselves to him, they should first disobey the express order that was given them not to indulge into carnal intercourse with Human Beings, and to marry human girls, and the female Watchers to marry Human males”

‘Nearly all of them refused Kingu’s (Lucifer’s) offer and reported back to us. But of these Watchers, 200 headed by the ones I just named succumbed with those who served under them.’

‘And when these Extra-Terrestrial Watchers (the biblical Angels, the Children of Heaven) began to be tempted, and after they  had a proper look at the human ladies, they admitted that they were very beautiful, as it is written:

“… And they said to one another: ‘let us choose ourselves women from among the Human Race, and let us have children with them.’

‘But Samyaza their leader told them:  “I fear that you may not accomplish your design. For if you did, I would be the only one to suffer punishment of your crime, unless we make a mutual pact in which you shall all swear to me that we all share equally the penalty of our action.”

“But they answered: ‘… we swear it to you.’ The Book of Enoch.” 

‘The Watchers knew very well the consequences of such a rebellion, since becoming the allies of the Renegades meant they would be cut off from their world and suffer the same fate as the Renegades if their attempt at taking over our Galaxies failed. And Samyaza as their leader was the one who was contacted by Kingu (Lucifer). And as the leader, he knew that he would be asked to account for the behavior of their armies. So he wanted to make sure that they did not go back on their word and leave him alone to face the punishment; he decided to make sure that they were all equally guilty. He wanted their oath to tie them also to the sentence that was decreed on the Renegades at the time of the Great Rebellion.’

‘And for that they first had to break all the Government and Divine laws to which they had all been submitted until then. They all flew to the top of a mountain where Lucifer and his companions had landed their vessels and made a pact with them.’

‘We swear to you and we shall all covenant by mutual execrations; we shall change nothing to our design, we shall execute what we have resolved.’

‘And they swore and indulged with Samyaza and his companions the Renegades and between themselves, in an orgy of homosexuality, perversions, bestiality and distasteful mutual deviations and execrations. And thus these Watchers also became ‘fallen angels’, as the above acts were among those of the Divine laws that were not to be broken.’

‘Once this was done Tiamat (or Satan) went straight to Adam and his wife and their sons and befriended them. While Adam, Eve and Cain with his two sisters began to socialize with him, Abel refused and separated himself from his family.’

‘The rest of the Renegades, together with the former Watchers, began contacting the humans and giving them different teachings as Lucifer, Leviathan Satan and Belial had instructed them to.’ 

‘Tiamat (Satan) next came to Cain in person and of course gave him his doctrine, telling him that he and his companions were gods, and that he wanted to establish his religion on Earth and wanted Cain to be his high priest. They made a pact that involved Cain killing Abel, and which led to him being made ‘Master Mahan’, or the great right hand and representative of Satan on Earth.’

‘Of course, you understand that Abel had to die because he was going round warning the other Humans about these new Extra-Terrestrials and their doctrines and immoral teachings. And since their aim was the total corruption and destruction of the Human Race, they could not afford to have somebody going round and undermining and trying to scupper their sabotage activities.’

‘Cain after that pact married one of the lady extra-terrestrial officers who were with Lucifer. The children they had immediately proved to be very different from normal human children.’ 

‘These were the ones that were called Nephilim by the humans. Some were giants physically others were born with inherited physiological and mental illnesses not suffered by the pure humans.’

‘Others were grossly deformed with two heads and three eyes on each head; and sometimes whole body parts were missing. Virtually all of them had six toes and six fingers on each foot and hand.’

‘Thus, what we the Creators had feared, happened. The pure race was again corrupted.  Bad genes and deadly diseases that we had taken so long to eliminate from this new race began to be reintroduced in their children and the results were disastrous.’

‘Tiamat (Satan) then decided to make Adam and his wife break the laws before the eyes of their people; because they were respected, venerated and held in high esteem by the other pure humans. He reasoned that if they saw Adam himself break the Laws they would easily be convinced to break them too.’

‘So he sent the ex-Watcher Gadral to actually seduce Eve and to have sexual intercourse with her. He, in his turn, convinced her to tell Adam to do the same, telling him the story that you well know as it is written in the Bible. And so Eve did.’

‘She told him that the Watcher had introduced her to perverted books and sexual practices that she did not even know existed and she showed him those.’

 ‘There is another matter we wish to enlighten Humanity on. Adam, his wife and his sons had first been taught the type of worship of God that was later given to the Hebrews.  There was one of us, one who had undergone the ‘Eternity Operation’ and who was therefore an eternal being of our planet; an expert in religious matters who had been left on Earth with the Watchers, after the Creators left. That being is named as Melchisedech in your Holy Bible.’

‘He remained on Earth for a very, very long time observing many events, preparing and measuring lands for future generations of our faithful Humans on Earth. His work was mostly about Divine matters, and as such, he was a High Priest.  But he came to be a great King, living in what was then called Salem. The Humans called him the “King of Peace.”  And they knew that he was not a native of Earth.’

‘He had ordained Adam, Abel, and Cain in the first Priesthood Order that ever existed, and for a long while they were very good, God-fearing people, Cain included.  When Tiamat came and perverted Cain, he and Abel were both forty years old. So any idea that they were children when Cain killed Abel is wrong.’

‘For a long while they took it in turns to officiate in the Temple that was built at that time. That Temple stood exactly where King Solomon later built his first Temple. It is at the same place where the Hebrew people, still go to pray at the ruins of the Herodian temple now. So the two famous ‘offerings and sacrifices’ mentioned in the Bible, that were done by the two brothers before Abel’s murder, were true priestly ones.’

‘It happened that, after Cain had been corrupted and ordained by Tiamat, he again came to our Temple when Melchisedech was there and tried to make the ritual sacrifice.  Only, Melchisedech already knew what he had done, rejected his sacrifice, forbid him from offering it, and ordered him out of the Temple. It is then that he asked him where his brother was, and Humanity knows Cain’s answer.’

‘It was therefore Melchisedech who also confronted Adam and his wife, and later chased them from the city we had built for them, and where Adam was the Leader of the Humans.’ 

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