‘Now we shall continue with our story. First let me recapitulate. The leaders of the Renegades, namely Kingu (Lucifer), Nammtar (Leviathan), Tiamat (Satan), and Azag (Belial); and all their armies, legions, and cohorts of rebels and dissidents, had already been banished from our Worlds.’

‘They had come with their alien bodies and a divine and eternal decree had put them at the feet of any Human beings, who could manage to access their Divine Powers through the Spirit Messiah within. That means that any such human being will never be under the power of the princes of the devils named above. This is also a Divine Power granted to us because, with the Mysteries, we too evolved to become as gods.’

‘But as this subject is part of the Mysteries that you were taught by your Grandfather, any more teachings that we shall give you on that matter are for your own intention and that of your future followers alone, Desiree. Therefore keep them from the ears of the profane and do not write them in the book containing this message. Now we will continue with our story.’

‘We had left behind armies of officers to watch and guard the Humans, and monitor their progress. The Humans called them Watchers and Guardian Angels. Note that ‘angel simply means ‘messenger’ in our language. Not very long after we left, the leaders of the Renegades came and tempted these Watchers to desert and join their ranks.  Then they contacted all the Adams and Eves and the others that we had created and their children and tempted them to disobey and listen to them.’

‘They began with the couple that we created, who lived at the Laboratory City that we had built in Palestine. Eve was first, and she was tempted into having sexual intercourse with Gadral, one of the Watchers who had rebelled; and she encouraged her husband Adam to have carnal relations with one of the lady Watchers. But let me clarify the situation of our creation work a little more before we continue.’


‘You see after we succeeded in creating Adam and Eve in Palestine we did not simply stop at that first couple. We began creating large batches of children from them. We only needed just one first couple. Once it was successfully created we observed them till they passed the age of ten years.’

‘First, many males and females were created through genetic manipulation of their DNA, using specially treated ovules collected from the first Eve.’

‘So when these children reached puberty – which was usually at eleven Earth years for girls, and thirteen for boys – we collected ovules from the girls, and sperm from the boys and made children in our labs combining the genetic material of our white skinned scientists, in making these children. We used large artificial and very sophisticated womb-like machines that could each hold up to twelve foetuses at a time. Conditions in these machines were the same as those you find in human female wombs, but even better. We added all the appropriate nutrients needed to produce perfect, healthy, full-size babies in the shortest times possible.’

‘As there was a lot of space in these breeding machines, we could deliberately cause the ovules to split and produce up to eight or ten foetuses at a time; and of course such children were identical. These were mass breeding campaigns, in which we treated the females to produce large amounts of ovules each month. With at least a hundred of these machines in any one laboratory, you can imagine the scale to which these breeding programs amounted to, around the Planet.’

‘Of course all the children were monitored and studied for inherited diseases from us.  Any babies found to have inherited our diseases and illnesses were destroyed. We could thus make nine thousands and six hundred (9600) babies a year per laboratory at least.’

‘I am afraid these children were all kept apart in their different laboratories and not allowed to meet in order to mate until we were absolutely sure that our experiment had become a success. Nothing less than that could satisfy us. Remember our aim for coming to Earth was for that scientific creation experiment. And the children we created were scientific subjects.  We loved them of course, but they were scientific subjects nonetheless.’

‘Now in our laboratory situated here in Africa, the first Adam we created in this Continent, was produced through manipulation of our combined genetic materials with the material of the ‘brown-skinned’ Scientist’s material being predominant. That work was going on while Adam was also being created in Palestine.’

‘Once that first couple had been created in Palestine, ovules (eggs) were removed from Eve and fertilized in our African laboratory, to create a male African Adam; and African female Eve. So the first children bred in Africa were of darker skin colour, mixed from the Palestinian Eve’s genetic material, and that of one of us. Thus we knew that breeding between both ‘Brown’ and ‘Pink’ Humans was perfectly possible.’

‘Using treated and purified genetic information from this same ‘brown-skinned’ scientist who has been meeting you every day, a few more beings were created; because he had been particularly treated and purified; and no dangerous genetic defaults as we have in our world existed in him. From these first dark-skinned children, was created the pure African ‘Black’ skin colour as you know it; ovules from the first new Black female being again fertilized, using the first ‘Black-skinned’ Adam. That way, we made darker and darker Africans.’

‘After that, we began mass-breeding just like we were doing in the Palestinian laboratory. Our creation work in Africa was much easier than the one that was first undertaken in Palestine.’

‘Please note that when our Ancestors had first come all those billion of years before, they had created their first Adam in a laboratory that had been situated in Africa.  Also, that Adam was dark-skinned. In fact their annals say that only that first African laboratory was used for creation in their time.’

‘Our creation and breeding work was thus effectuated throughout the planet in our different laboratories. In the Orient, in our Chinese laboratory, the first Adam was created with the genetic materials of the green aliens being predominant. In the Indian laboratory, we used genetic material from the first alien-hybrids we created in Africa, crossed them with genetic material from some of the Palestinian ones, to directly mass-breed the Indian batches.’

‘It was only when we had created hundreds of thousands of children from the first Adams and Eves and were satisfied of their purity, that we allowed these original couples only, to mate naturally, before the rest.  In age, they were in their twenties. All Adams were aged twenty eight, and all Eves were twenty five years old.’

‘Up till then, their education had not been neglected. They had been taught about God, and about where we had come from.  We taught them about how we prepared this Solar System and about our creation work, as you can now read in your Bibles. We also taught them about our ancestors and the work of creation they had once done on Earth long before us.’

‘Many of them were allowed to work in our scientific laboratories, but their duties were limited; the more serious work was undertaken by Elyonin only. (But that does not mean we dissuaded them from becoming scientists or from doing their own researches; only that they were not allowed to use our laboratories, they had their own built.)’

‘Before being allowed to live together, the Palestinian Adam and Eve were properly married by Yahweh, the Leader of our Council of the Wise. The other couples were married by one of our own people, who was later designated and left to be the supreme Religious Leader of this new Human Race created on Earth after the teams of creators left. He was called Melchisedech. Thus right from the start, Humanity was taught to respect the sanctity of marriage.’

‘We also monitored Eve’s first pregnancy, as it was a multiple one of quads; two boys and two girls. While the girls were identical twins, Cain and Abel were not identical’. Abel had blonde hair and blue eyes, while Cain had red hair and blue eyes. If we had created them in a laboratory, we would probably have destroyed them as not being perfect.  But we decided to take a chance and let them both live.’

‘Eve was helped in that she did not suffer in giving birth. The babies were delivered under anesthesia and by caesarian section; after which her cut was treated and repaired and she was left totally without any visible scar. Such a delivery was necessary, as it was our very first natural pregnancy. As a precaution after that, Eve was still treated with contraceptives while we monitored these first four naturally conceived children. It was after they grew to be normal healthy and perfect children that we deemed our experiment to be a total success.’

‘Then the male and female children of Adam that we had mass-bred in the laboratories, and whom up to then we had kept separated, were brought together in the cities we had built for them and allowed to marry.’

‘Cain and Abel and their two sisters, were thus described by Adam as being the first children, only because they were the very first with whom Eve had actually been pregnant.’

‘All Humans were very well looked after to begin with. They were educated, clothed and fed without any need to work and toil to survive. All their children were painlessly delivered and all believed in God according to our own beliefs. And Adam administrated to them as their king, and Religious Leader.’

Later they were taught agriculture, and many of them set up homesteads and became farmers, growing food for the rest of them to enjoy.’

‘They effectively lived in luxury, so their cities were all called ‘paradise’. The same thing was done in all the continents; and then and only then did we decide to go away and leave them to evolve by themselves. When we left, Cain and Abel were fully-grown men; and both were married with children. They still lived in these luxurious cities and had not yet been chased away.’

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