The Story of Yeshua of Nazareth.

‘Greetings. By now you are familiar with the stories of your Bible, and you can understand what was meant in those old stories. Many times we had to use our space crafts and sea going vessels to help our prophets on Earth in their travels and in many other situations. Thus we used one of our submarines to rescue Jonah in the Sea.’

‘Another time when we had to introduce our new technology to one of our Human messengers is recounted in the Book of Mormon, in the story of the Brother of Jared about how we helped him to travel to what is now the American continent.’

‘He was one of the Scientists we had to remove from Babel. He was one of those who had been involved in building that rocket, or ‘Tower’ as it is called in the Bible. His name is not mentioned because our Leader had decreed that nobody on Earth should even utter their names, after their treason. But he was a good man who had been misled, and our leader had deemed him worth saving, because he immediately repented when he understood that he had been duped and lied to by the Renegades.’   

‘He was given a compass, and was taught how to build submersible ships in which he and the people with him were able to travel through the Mediterranean Sea, and across the Atlantic Ocean. We recommend people to read the early part of the Book of Mormon to acquaint themselves with his story. But we also recommend caution, on account of the interpretations that were subsequently made of those writings afterwards.

 ‘Today we shall continue and tell you about Yeshua, the Messiah of Nazareth and soon, our meetings shall come to an end, so pay extreme attention to what we are about to tell you. And when you write your book, write this message faithfully, leaving nothing out, because we do not wish to come back and repeat what we have been telling you for at least another thousand years.’ 

‘We will be quoting many books and scriptures, all written by Human beings, some of which can be checked and consulted as needs be.’

‘The times when Yeshua (or Jesus as he is commonly known) and his cousin John the Baptizer were born, were times when most of the Jewish people were acquainted with the Mysteries and when all religious people sought to Realize their Divinities.’

‘Men and women alike were eager to learn. In those days, there were many Essene communities, but in Palestine there were three main groups. One of them was composed of people, men and women who had chosen to live a life of celibacy and to dedicate themselves only to spiritual pursuits.’

‘Of the other two groups, one was dedicated to not only their own spiritual researches, but to also instruct people and children of both sexes, who came to them from surrounding villages and countries; regardless of their faiths, and who wished to learn from them and to actively seek their Divine Realization in the Essene Way. Many of those students usually left at the end of their studies, and went back to live with their people. The rest chose to stay with their teachers, and live permanently with them.’

‘The last main community was composed of families of Essenes. Couples that had met at the second community, who had married, but had not wanted to return to their original villages and countries. Instead they had preferred to set up their own village; made up of people who practiced the same religious rituals, and who had the same Divine aims as themselves.’

‘Joseph and Myriam, Yeshua’s parents and their original families, lived in this third community. As well as being practicing Essenes, they were all members of the Pharisee sect, one of the existing branches at that time of Judaism, their religion.’

‘Joseph was even one of the Rabbis who lead their Synagogue; so was Myriam’s father who was called Jehoiachim.  Both were Essene adepts, deeply versed in the Mysteries.  And so was Myriam’s mother, Hannah. Myriam also began being trained by her parents as soon as she could talk; and by the age of eight, she was used to regular angelic communions.  That is also when her father died; and she was an only child. Myriam’s name was later changed to ‘Mary,’ by the Romans.’

‘Joseph was a middle-aged widower with grown up sons. After Myriam’s father died, her mother went to see Joseph and asked him to take Myriam for wife. It was an offer that Joseph accepted eagerly.’

‘As the mother’s health was poor, she asked for the betrothal to be celebrated immediately after that. Then she died when Myriam was still twelve years old, but just weeks before her thirteenth birthday, soon after the engagement ceremony; which was performed by another one of their Rabbis. Understand that this ceremony was valid as a marriage ceremony.’

‘It was then decided during a meeting of the elders that Myriam should go and live in Joseph’s home, but that they should observe the traditional year of sexual abstinence, after which a more lavish religious wedding ceremony was to be performed. Then the marriage could be consummated.

‘And two years passed, and Myriam was now fourteen and a half years old. Then during Joseph’s ritual of prayer and fasting followed by the angelic communion, he was visited by Gabriel, a messenger from Yahweh. He told him that the first child that he was going to father with Myriam was going to be an astounding individual; because he was going to be one of those who transmigrated to Earth with their Divine and mental abilities intact.  And of course Joseph called him ‘the messenger of God.’

‘Joseph did not waste time and the following day, he went and told Myriam about the visitation, telling her that they should consummate the marriage immediately and not wait for the official wedding feast that they intended to throw. Myriam was understandably afraid and disturbed as she expected the lavish wedding ceremony that had been planned to take place first.’

‘And it was only after she performed her own ritual and received the visit of the same Messenger that she agreed to consummate the marriage. And that is how it happened, not the other way round. Joseph was definitely the father of Yeshua. Understand however that the messenger never told Joseph and Myriam to break Moses’ law.’

‘But truly, Moses’ Law had not been broken, since it was a whole two years after the betrothal ceremony. But Joseph was a much older man. His fiancée was very young and beautiful; therefore he was only directed by his carnal desire for the young virgin lady. He simply could not wait for the wedding feast.’

‘It was after this carnal union, that the boy was conceived. And could it be punishable by death since the child was fathered by the man who was her fiancé and to whom she was already traditionally married? Most people at that time could not afford two ceremonies; that is, the engagement, and another proper wedding feast where a lot more people were invited.  If a couple was poor, just the engagement ceremony was sufficient, and in the eyes of all, they were married.’

‘Myriam did love Joseph. In their time, someone who had knowledge of the Law and the Mysteries was very much desirable as a husband. Also he was rich and very much the father figure that was lacking in her young life. He was also handsome and a descendant of King David; and as such he was a member of her ethnic group, which was the tribe of Judah.’

‘So that part about Joseph musing over sending her away, or the threat of her being stoned to death simply never occurred. It was an invention concocted by the Romans, to introduce their virgin, non-carnal conception story.’

‘The prophecy concerning a virgin and a baby is in the book of Isaiah in your Bible.  But that word ‘virgin’ was written to mean ‘a young woman’ or a ‘maiden’ in the original Hebrew language in which the scriptures were written. And while it said that a maiden shall conceive, it does not stipulate that she should still be or remain a virgin at the time of her child’s conception, or throughout the pregnancy, or that the baby would be conceived without any carnal union, or without any biological human father.’

‘And even so, in the case of Myriam, she was indeed a virgin before she and Joseph consummated their marriage. Therefore stories that Myriam never had any sexual intercourse with anyone and was still a virgin at the time when she was pregnant, when she gave birth and even when she died are nothing but an invention of the Romans. And that story of Yeshua’s conception as found in the ‘New Testament is therefore a Roman fabrication’

‘Also, if the Young Man from France comes to you and tells you that ‘Mary’ had been impregnated by his ‘Elohim’ you must not believe him, he is a liar! We have already told you that it was strictly forbidden for Elyonin and for the Watchers, to mate with Humans. That law has never been changed. Therefore, if anyone comes and tells you differently, and then claims that he was sent by our Leader Yahweh, he should not be believe,; he is a liar! Also, any stories of ‘Mary having been impregnated by the Angel Gabriel’ are simply not true.’ 

‘But we have to add that Myriam was visited twice after becoming pregnant, by one of our medical teams. But only to ensure that the child was developing normally and that there were no complications with the pregnancy. Because in those times, pregnant women did not have the necessary monthly ante-natal care services provided on Earth now. Also a particular surgery was performed on him to enhance and improve his former life’s retentive memory abilities.’

‘However, a wedding feast was eventually held; since Joseph was a wealthy Prince with a large extended family, as was Myriam’s, and the elders were informed by Myriam herself that she was already pregnant. When the elders argued that they should have waited for the wedding feast, Joseph said that he was the one who had made her pregnant, and there had been no need to wait, since they were already married. In fact the whole discussion was held amid howls of laughter. Therefore, the Romans simply twisted the story here to suit their purposes.’

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