The Tenth Commandment


‘Do not covet your neighbors’ house, nor his riches and belongings; and do not covet his wife, or his servants. It is perfectly normal to admire your neighbour’s house, if it is larger, prettier and better decorated than your own.  It is perfectly normal to admire his wife, if she is prettier; or his children, if they are more intelligent. And it is also normal to wish you could have servants helping you with domestic duties around your home and property like your neighbour. All of that is very natural; we too used to have such feelings.’

But what is against God’s Law is when your admiration and covetousness becomes such, as you lose sense of reality and become vicious.’  

‘It is against God’s Law when you become so hateful, resentful and jealous that you become a nuisance to your neighbour and to his family. It is against God’s Law when you would resort to slander, malicious reviling gossip, criminal destructiveness, and even murder in order to annoy your neighbour or to appropriate what he has.’

‘If you admire your neighbour’s possessions, strive to work even harder in order to possess similar or even better things; without however making a nuisance of yourself, or letting him know that you are in competition with him.’

‘If he acquired his wealth by right of inheritance, then it is according to Divine Judgment and disposition. In that case, content yourself with what you have and count your blessings in other situations in your life. Thus you shall be found righteous before the Lord your God.’

‘But having said this, it is very acceptable and very good to wish to live in opulence.  In fact we even recommend it. It is not, neither has it ever been the will of God for any Human beings to be poor or deprived. Therefore, do your best to live as well as you possibly can; and try and make your life better and more comfortable as you want. But do it the right way.’

‘Acquire riches, but in an honest and humanely legal way. Honest ambition and healthy competition will contribute to evolution and a better way of life for all. We recommend all those who believe in God, and those who will come to learn the Mysteries from our Messenger, to live by those amended rules.’

‘We shall stop here today. As anyone who gets to read this message will understand, we had been, as well as giving our message, trying to prove that beings from other worlds have indeed visited this Planet and continue to do so.

‘With the following instalments we shall continue to point out more examples whenever possible. But most of all, we shall concentrate on warning Humanity about the Young Man from France and his activities, and give our side of the story to cover what we believe he shall be telling Humanity.’

‘We shall also enlighten Humanity on other matters and on Rabbi Yeshua; before leaving you all, to freely make up your own minds. We urge all those who get to meet this young African female messenger of ours, to give her all the help they can. Go to her also to learn more about the tenets of these Ten Commandments, and to learn how to Realize your Divinity.’


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