I said my bedtime prayer and accessed the message in my brain, bypassing the first one just as I had been told. It began with the now distinguishable voice of the ‘Brown’ alien whom I would be referring to from now as ‘the Black Alien’ to simplify things.
“Well, ‘Little One’, as I said, here is our story:
“As you have noticed, we are humanoids. A very highly evolved people compared to the Humans of Earth. A long time ago the earliest scientists of our planet, having already made all the discoveries that made their lives and ours to be such as you could only dream of; a real paradise, some of us decided to turn to even more challenging experiments. We decided to create living beings.”
“We made all sorts of creatures. Some scientists experimented with the aquatic beings in our waters. Taking cells from them and creating similar beings in test tubes in our laboratories. Others duplicated the existing animals and even took matter from different animals and created totally new species.”
“These experiments were a great success but also met with a great deal of opposition within our society, as many people were already against those experiments we scientists were doing. Though some of these animals were beautiful and harmless and friendly, others were ugly, very hostile, dangerous and ferocious, or horrible to look at.”
“Some were quite intelligent, while others were totally dumb, useless and utterly pitiful. These had life in them, but had neither sight nor hearing, neither feeling nor power of speech and could not move. Such beings were often destroyed and research in them was discontinued.”
“I myself created one such dangerous animal. It was quite similar to the tigers now existing on Earth. Unfortunately my laboratory was in a building that was adjoining my home. The beast that I created escaped, entered my house and savaged my young daughter, whose age was about eight of your Earth years.”
“My daughter’s death caused a great outcry that resulted in our government ordering all scientists to stop their experiments. You see, such brutal deaths no longer occurred in our world. Murders did not exist, accidents were rare and virtually unheard of in some countries; people only died of old age.”
“We obeyed our Government and the experiments on live creature creation were subsequently stopped. However we continued with our research in other avenues, concentrating on life itself, its diseases and its shortness. It was thus that we stumbled on one of our most capital discoveries; how to prolong our lives.”
“We discovered that inside a muscle located in a certain part of the humanoid anatomy, there is a tiny muscle about one and half centimeters long and half a centimeter wide. If this tiny muscle is cut off, the ageing process of the body is stopped and physical longevity is more than ten times increased.”
“A person that undergoes such an operation could then live a minimum of a thousand Earth years and a maximum of two thousand, with perfect health and their looks intact. After which time, the muscle would slowly have grown back to its initial size. If anyone wished to live even further, they only had to have the operation redone.”
“We, the scientists who made that discovery were the first to undergo the operation ourselves. Some other citizens who wished to try it took a chance; while the majority of the population was opposed to such practices.”
“But when later generations verified that we indeed had lived to two thousand years with all our physical and mental faculties intact and performing to their highest degree possible, with the ability to still reproduce whenever we wished, the method was finally unanimously adopted. It became known as the ‘Secret Of Eternity’.”
“With the Secret of Eternity, our scientists were able to use their genius as long as they wished. More discoveries were made, and giant bounds were made scientifically.”
“Now we had also begun effectuating interplanetary travel right at the epoch when we had first begun experimenting with creating living creatures. At that time as we had begun to visit the three moons around our Planet, we had realized that intelligent Humanoid Beings from other worlds had been also visiting, not only those moons, but our Planet itself, without however having contacted us.”

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