“On our Planet there were originally three humanoid ethnic groups: Those with a dark brown skin complexion. You may call them ‘Blacks’ as you do on Earth. Those with a pink complexion, the ‘Whites’; and those with a complexion between the Black and White, the ‘Red’, who resembled those who inhabit the Indian Continent on Earth. So on our Planet, they looked like those now existing on Earth, but also different.”
“We believe in a God and we believed that we were gods, because we had Old Scriptures about our existence. They said that God had created us to be and to look exactly like Himself.”
“For a long time already, we had made it our religion to study ourselves and everything around us, in order to get to know our God. For we were taught that, to find and know our God we had to look within ourselves. (This is what we recommend you to do too).”
“After we had discovered the Secret of Eternity, the beings that we had discovered to have been visiting our moons finally made contact with our Government; and they were welcomed and accepted. They are those of the race of the small ones with slanted eyes whom you met today on the ‘bridge’ of this vessel: the ‘Green Race.’ They said that they had come from ‘Draconis’.”
“They came to us with a big ‘Mother Ship’ and told us that it had landed itself on their Planet with the preserved dead bodies of its previous owners in it. They told us that they had found messages informing them that they had been created in laboratories as well as ourselves and people living in two planets of the two Sirius systems, and people of Orion and the Pleiades; whom they said looked like the people of our Planet. They proposed to share all their knowledge with us if we would form an alliance with them.”
“While many of our people never believed their story about us all having been created by the same ‘Creators’ – and that was obvious since even though they were humanoids, they looked so different from us – our Government and theirs formed an Alliance; and we began trading economically and scientifically with them.”
“As well as new scientific knowledge, these ‘Green Newcomers’ brought us a method from their ancient scriptures, that allowed us to understand our Holy Scriptures even better. We thus understood why we had been taught for millennia that we were gods. And we learnt a method left to us by our ancestors enabling us to create life, perfect life, very quickly with the power from within ourselves and with our words, coupled with that power.”
“We began, on our own and with the renewed permission of our Government, to create android humanoid beings, using this ‘Sacred Wisdom’. These were different biological beings that lived only to serve us and whose only pleasure was to be in our service; but there is a good reason for this particular nature. You already know about those types of beings, as your grand-father demonstrated to you. And do remember that this time, we were only allowed to create humanoids, not animals.”
“With some of the new knowledge brought by the scientists of ‘Draconis’, we developed a very sophisticated method of education that virtually turned all our people into geniuses.”
“These Newcomers also had at their disposal another means of creating their own androids. They had huge machines that made perfect metal skeletons and everything needed in a human anatomy, except for blood, skin and muscles. They made them to grow on those metal skeletons. But their biological robots, unlike ours had no spirit in them, and their owners did not treat them with consideration in the way we did ours.”
“We objected to this and let our feelings be known to our new Allies; and that was the beginning of our dissent with some of them. For not only did they misuse their own biological robots, they also began to use ours in the same manner.”
“The other subject of dissent was over Divine Laws. While we fully respected the Laws and practiced our belief in God within, the Newcomers declared that they had long rejected all beliefs in God, and had adopted Science only as their religion; and since it had made them as God thus equal to Him, they had rejected Him altogether.”
“Thus though having been equally left with the same knowledge of the ‘Divine Mysteries’ as us, the Newcomers had abandoned them and even made a law against practicing them in their Home world; they were now a totally atheist people. They defiantly practiced all deviated corporal acts and perversions forbidden by Divine Law before us, not only between themselves but also on their defenseless biological robots as well as our own androids.”

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