Passages (3)

As I said, today a man is being contacted in France by non-Human aliens, also from a planet of this Universe, who have been our enemies for many thousands of your Earth years. Their meeting with that man is aimed at the usurpation and sabotage of a monumental work that WE began here on Earth, and that we are now beginning to see bear some of the fruit that we expected, and we have waited so long to see it bear.”
“As we know those enemies of ours are going to give a lot of misleading information to that young man, so we, too, are here to give you, and through you to Earth people, our side of the story. You shall write a book about our meetings and have it published and distributed in all the countries where that man will sell his book.”
“Then you shall also establish centers in countries where he will establish his, or at least have representatives there. They will be able to make your book known and our message available to his followers. In those centers you will also teach and train your followers as we have said.”
“You shall go in person to those countries whenever possible, and advise his followers before they commit themselves to something they would come to inevitably regret later … Something that if it is accepted or rejected, has for a prize the loss or salvation of their own immortal souls. Let Humanity make their minds up freely after having known both stories.”
“It is because what we are going to tell you is quite long that we did not ask you to bring notebooks; as taking notes would take you too long and you might not write everything down as we would like you to. So we are going to use a method that we have already used in the past with people we have contacted. People like Moses, Ezra, Isaiah, Ezekiel and many others.”
“We will imprint, or record the message straight to your brain. Yes, that is exactly what we did yesterday. All you will have to do is rerun it at home and write it down word for word. Do you follow me?” he asked with a smile. ‘Uh … huh’ … I nodded.
“Very well, if you would just care to follow me…” he said, getting up. But I did not move. I folded my arms and stubbornly looked down, refusing to get up.
‘You said that the young man being contacted is in France. Why did you not go to someone in France with your message? That would have been easier … Somebody there would have been more suitable and useful than I … I am only an African girl, what can I do? … And I am Black … We do have problems with skin colours on this Planet, if you did not know … What could I do? Who would listen to me? … And where would I find the means to have a book published? Why me? I cannot do it. I want to go home!’
I was raising my voice now and becoming hysterical.
“Calm down,” he said. “Do not worry about that. Please, follow me.”
I stood up and shouted:
‘No, take me home! I want to go home! Who will listen to such a crazy story anyway? … This is all madness! I am mad … And you are not real … Take me home!’
I was now screaming, stamping my foot on the floor but producing no noise as I hoped to. The female alien, alarmed, looked at the others, and retreated further into the background.
The Brown alien waited for me to finish screaming and said calmly. “I will be with you throughout. But if you definitely do not want to proceed, we will of course take you back…” He held my gaze all the time while he said this and I calmed down. Somehow, I was willing to listen to him, and liked him more than the others.
I finally got up and followed him. A panel slid at one side of the wall and we entered in a room in which was a piece of furniture resembling a hospital bed, but much lower. It was, however, for human-sized patients.
. The ‘Brown’ man told me to drink it. When I did, I realized that it was very sweet, very good and tasted like honey but a bit mint-like too.
‘Heh, didn’t you say that I’d wake up in the plantation?’ I asked, smiling.
‘Ah, yes! We said so, didn’t we? We decided that we could awaken you while still inside this vessel. You handled the first encounter well; so there was no need to leave you asleep in the plantation, to awaken by yourself.’
As I was led to the outside door, all the crew stood up, smiling, their arms crossed to their chests. I realized that we were back in my Grandfather’s plantation. This time I walked down the stairs; then I turned around when I stepped on the ground.
The same two men who had first appeared to me now stood at the door, their right arms raised in a farewell gesture. I, too, crossed my arms to my chest and said aloud: “Peace be with thee!”
The door was closed and the space vessel slightly rose, lights changing as it did so; and it shot up very fast, tipped slightly on the side and disappeared in an instant.
I stood there for some time, looking up in the direction where the space vessel had disappeared. Then slowly, life came back in the plantation and its surroundings. The birds began to sing again, the crickets also made their noises heard. And I slowly started back for the village.
That night I went immediately to bed after dinner.

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