The Renegades

‘It was thus after our departure that the Renegades came to Earth and tempted some of the Watchers to turn against us and join their ranks. These in their turn swayed Adam and Eve and most of their Children. Abel remained faithful to us.’

‘Adam and Eve’s son Cain, made a pact with Satan, in which he accepted Satan as his god. He murdered his brother Abel as a blood offering and as a sacrifice for that pact.  He and Abel were forty years old when that murder was perpetrated.’

‘Then Cain married a Renegade extra-terrestrial lady and promised to bring all Humanity to the worship of Satan and of the other Renegades; and to rid Earth of all people who tried to continue believing in the One True God.’

‘It was from then on that Humans began calling the Renegades ‘ELOHIM’, since these had presented themselves to the Humans as gods and demanded to be worshiped by them as such. Cain himself was the first to produce children born of a direct union between people from our world and Humans. These children were called ‘Nephilim’ by the Humans that were faithful to us, and which is ancient Hebrew for the ‘fallen ones’.’

‘The Adam that we created in Palestine had undergone the Eternity Operation’ when he was thirty years old, as had Eve also. Therefore he remained looking young to the last year he lived, over eight hundred Earth years, before he moved to the next reality, after realizing his Divinity on Earth.’

‘But because we now know the contents of the story being told to the young man in France by Kingu (Lucifer), Tiamat (Satan) and Nammtar (Leviathan), we shall also give our version of what happened in detail, as well as the rest of our message. And we shall continue to use the Bible when and as necessary. You shall excuse us if we are being too prolix here and are repeating ourselves. But you are young, and we need to imprint this message deep into your memory and your psyche, so that you will never forget it. And we are sure that you will welcome those repetitions.’

  ‘It is written that Adam, after the death of Abel ‘had many sons and many daughters’ before he had Seth. “And Adam lived a hundred and thirty years, and Adam knew his wife again…” Genesis 4:25)

“… and begat a son after his own likeness after his image; and called his name Seth…” Genesis 5:4

‘The above passage means that for a period of one hundred and thirty years, Adam avoided making love to Eve. Instead he had intercourse with these extra-terrestrial (or heavenly) ladies, and it is with them that he had those other ‘sons and daughters. Those children were Nephilim, just like the children of Cain. The next time Adam did make love to Eve, Seth was conceived naturally and born. He was born ‘after his likeness’ means that he was a pure Human; not one of those mixed with the Watchers.’

‘The blame does not only lean on Adam, because his wife Eve also did the same thing and gave birth to children whose fathers were the Watchers. During those one hundred and thirty years they both refused to listen to Elyonin -(that is, Melchisedech who was specially chosen to represent the Council of the Wise on Earth and those few Watchers who had remained loyal to us)- the same as they refused to worship God. Therefore those children were also evil like all the other Nephilim, which we Elyonin disapproved of. They are the ones of whom it is written: ‘and the sons of Adam loved Satan more than God.’

‘Adam and his wife were held in high esteem by the other Humans. And when they saw them socialize with the rebel Watchers and other Renegade Extra-Terrestrials, they also began to do the same. A lot of them married these Extra-Terrestrials and a great deal of Nephilim began to be born.’

 ‘All the 200 Watchers and their legions that swore allegiance to Satan, chose a Human wife each, approached them, and lived with them and had carnal intercourse with them.’

  ‘Now notice that the order of occurrence of events was not respected in the Bible.  They happened this way’:

‘Adam and Eve remained in the beautiful paradisiacal cities long after what is now known as ‘their fall’. The faithful Watchers had been forced to flee by the Renegades, as they sought to kill them for refusing to ally with them; and the Renegades and their Human followers now lived in the Cities. It was after these one hundred and fifty years that Yahweh our Leader himself returned, after having learnt of the state of things on Earth.’

‘On Yahweh’s return, a War took place. That is when Adam, Eve and all their children and the rest of the rebel Humans were chased out of the cities that had been built for them; because the pure race that had been created had been compromised and destroyed by the Renegades. Most of the diseases and illnesses that the pure race had not first inherited at their creation; had again been introduced by the Renegades through the children they had with humans’ and by so doing, the scientific experiment of Elyonin could no longer be called a success.’

‘Many of the cities that had been built by Elyonin for the Humans   were destroyed, and Adam and the Humans were left to fend for themselves. Cain also was separately punished for the murder of his brother and his allegiance to Satan.’

‘Lead by Melchisedech, the vacated Laboratory Cities were occupied by the good Elyonin Watchers, Abel’s children and those Humans who were still faithful to Elyonin.’


From then on both factions lived in a constant state of War. The Renegades completely took over the traitor Humans and they began to use their wives to get at the rest of Humans who did not join them immediately and to fight them. They taught them witchcraft enchantments and the magical properties of roots and trees. Not that this was wrong academically, but they abandoned proper teachings and instead, concentrated on introducing superstitions in their lessons.’

‘The women conceived and gave birth to children who grew into giants whose height reached 300 cubits (4 meters) and who accepted and worshipped Lucifer, Satan, Leviathan and Belial as their gods. But before we even continue with the Nephilim, let us see what the fallen Watchers did in particular, to contribute to the ruin of the lovely peaceful and innocent but highly educated race that humanity once used to be:

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