“Do not forget that we came to this sector of the Universe for scientific purposes; and our desire was to create a new race made of our combined genes. It was a perilous quest which was regularly hampered by wars between our worlds and those of the Renegades.  It had taken us thousands of years of trying, before we managed to create a brand new race of living beings that we called the HUMAN RACE.’

‘It had taken us thousands of years of research, of eliminating deadly diseases, and genetic flaws from our four races.  It had taken a lot of cleansing and purification before we finally chose the information that was to be instilled in the build of this pooled genetic material in order to create the New Race. Of course many embryos and children had to be destroyed over and over again until we were satisfied with the results.’

‘And as we had agreed beforehand, we had to ensure that the New Race remained pure.  That meant that none of us were allowed to mate with any of the new beings created; because if any of the flaws that we had so painstakingly removed were reintroduced, the experiment would have had to be deemed a failure again. All the teams of Creators, Scientists, Teachers and others from our world who were with us respected this strict law, and never interfered with our Creation.’

‘Three hundred years after our first Man was created, after deciding that our experiment was a perfect success, and each couple having over one million descendants, we resolved to move on and begin our work of Creation on another deserted Planet.’

‘So we designated seven teams or armies of Watchers, instructing them to monitor the progress of our Human Creation and not to interfere in any way in their evolution. Instead, they had to protect them only from our Renegade enemies; and to intervene only in case of any inner wars that threatened the total extinction of this whole new Human Race.”

‘But within a century of our departure, the Renegades moved in, contacted the Watchers as they had already done on the other planets where we had created life and their work of sabotage began. They made the same proposals to these Watchers as they had done to the others, on the other planets before Earth.’

‘This time, the Watchers that allied themselves to them surpassed in number those who remained loyal to us. A war broke out between both factions, and the Renegades won.  Some Watchers managed to escape and join us, the rest were murdered. These Renegades are the ones designated in the Bible as ‘The Serpent.’

‘But before these events, and at the time when the creation of the first seven couples was taking place, there had finally been an improvement in intergalactic relations with the many planets of our enemies. After thousands of years of talks, a Peace and Trading Treaty was finally signed and we began trading diplomatically and economically with them again.”

“But when the Renegade armies were briefed of these events, the Green ones mainly from PROCYON and DRACONIS categorically refused to end the hostilities and to resume relations with us as they were again entreated to. To them, the war shall remain an eternal one, as they informed us.’

“They all went to an uninhabited, deserted planet in this universe that they artificially adapted into which they moved and made their permanent home. There they established their own government and declared themselves sworn enemies of our Alliance, of our colonies, and of any new allies that we might make in the future.’

‘They, like us were eternal, highly evolved geniuses who vowed to fight us to the death, and rid existence of all of us and of all the beings that we will ever create and who did not side up with them.’

‘They constantly updated their scientific discoveries and methods of propulsion. They had unscrupulous spies in our world who informed them of any new discoveries that we made.

“They therefore, were the same Renegades that had sabotaged our work in our colonial planets; and they were the same ones who came to Earth one hundred years after we left. They look exactly like the two navigators that you have met on the Bridge of this vessel we travel on, and who too, descend from the Procyon and Draconis citizens who joined the Alliance.’

‘These Renegades are also those whose aim is to establish themselves as gods over our Creations, wherever they happen to be. For since separating from us, they have never succeeded in creating their own purely biological beings, or even any ‘golems’ the way we do, using the Divine Mysteries. Even though they can make biological robots, the skeletons of these are made of a natural looking but synthetic material, and these robots are totally devoid of free will. Well, they established their own bases on Earth after they corrupted our Watchers.  Now, know that all the Renegades have above them four Supreme Leaders, all of them originaries of Procyon.’

“Number one is Kingu, the one who dubbed himself the Enlightener, the Giver of the Light, and whom you on Earth call Lucifer. He established his bases mainly on the tops of high mountains.’

‘The second one established his bases deep in the Oceans and the seas; he is called Nammtar. The children of the people that we created named him LEVIATHAN, after one of the gigantic sea beings created by our ancestors. The third is Tiamat – the one known later as Ha-SATAN- the tempter.  And finally, the fourth one is Azag, known on Earth as BELIAL.’

‘These four, all of Royal blood from their original planets are mad, ruthless criminal geniuses at the head of millions of other defective royal representatives of all the Royal families of many galaxies with all their cohorts.’

‘Notice those names used for them on Earth, which are Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan and Belial, are not even their real names, just attributes. Their real ones are the ones I gave above. So their true names are given above for the first time; learn to call them by their proper names.’

‘They would stop at nothing to achieve their aims.  They are at the head of powerful Kings, Dukes, Princes and Prelates, Marquises, Presidents, Earls and Counts, and also Knight; all of these at the head of billions of legions of highly skilled eternal armies.’ 

‘In fifty of our colony planets, they have left nothing but debauchery, wickedness, nuclear destruction and holocausts. They have used the same tactic everywhere they have gone:’

‘They appear to people, claiming to bring peace and universal love. And they make promises that they very well know they would never keep. They assume our identities, claim that they are the ones who created our people whomever they happen to be. And then they begin to give them teachings contrary to those that we had previously given; and they make them the sort of promises and offers that are very hard to resist.’

‘Then they get them to practice all sorts of perversions, immoralities and crimes.  They teach them not to have any respect toward the lives of the unborn ones and finally persuade them to deny their divine state by persuading them that there is no God. And worse of all, they inter-breed with them.’

‘And once they have done this they disappear, leaving nothing behind them but confusion, desolation, ruthless atheism and madness. They have always told the same stories, and we can virtually predict exactly what they are going to tell their next Contactees; or if we may use the proper term, their next victims.’

‘But this time we have decided to fight back and use the same method of contact as them.  Whenever they contact someone on Earth from now on, we will also contact someone, to expose that person and give our Children of Earth the right to chose who they want to follow; us ‘ELYONIN’, their true Creators, or the so-called Renegade ‘Elohims’ who did not create this Earth and who have no legal Galactic claim to it!’

‘That is why we are here and giving you this message. Because they also are now in the process of contacting a man in France, and giving him their message of sabotage and lies. If those lies are heeded, it will lead to another global catastrophe happening on Earth as has already happened before, and on the other planets of this Universe I have told you about.

‘Now once and for all, what truly happened and why was the Big Flood provoked, and who exactly did what?’

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