“In our first three thousand years of longevity after discovering the Secret of Eternity, we had managed to build more powerful vessels for interstellar travel. We thus travelled for the first time to the Two Sirius, to Orion and the Pleiades and made contact with those who lived in those systems. They joined our Alliance and together, we began exploring our respective Galaxies.”
“But us scientists, decided to begin our experiments again in order to create animal, vegetal and humanoid life. Our Government agreed to let us continue these particular experiments, provided we did them elsewhere; on other deserted planets for example. The teams of Creators now comprised, as well as people from our planet, those from the planets of ‘Draconis’, of the Two Sirius, of Orion and of the Pleiades, among them were “the Greens” as we called them.”
“It was very easy for us to prepare the many moons and Planets of our Solar System for creation of life. But we did not immediately meet with success; for we realized often that though some vegetation could thrive on some of those planets, humanoid life could not. Also some of the Planets were too close to the suns whose rays were dangerous to humanoid or vegetal life, sometimes both.”
“But we had even worse enemies than nature and the element; many of the Newcomers, those from Draconis and some from the two Sirius, had disagreed with some clauses and conditions of the new ‘Creation Act’, which was part of the ‘Alliance Deed.’
“Together with categorically refusing to accept the Divine side of our inheritance and refusing to believe in God, and to follow the Divine Laws; together with ignoring our advice not to use androids and biological robots for their carnal pleasure and depraved acts, they also opposed the law that stipulated that all humanoids beings successfully created jointly by all of us should be left to evolve freely on their own after a while. And though we might monitor their progress, we should not interfere in their affairs, or in their governments in any way. Or try to take them over, or subject them to our rule in any manner whatsoever. And finally the decree that we should never interbreed with them; for the sake of our scientific experiment, and the perfect and absolute proof of the success of our work of Creation.”
“These people proposed that, instead of giving any beings that we would eventually create together the same teachings that we were given by our own Creators concerning our Divine State, we should give them limited freedom and limited education; and get them to worship us as gods.”
“On our categorical refusal of these proposals, those protestors, not only did they separate from us, but they withdrew from the Alliance altogether. Of all the Newcomers, just the representatives of one Planet, on the advice from their Superiors, chose unanimously to remain in the Alliance.”
“The rest, also looking like them, who represented another small Solar System, were divided in their opinions; and as a result, a deadly Intergalactic War with these Renegades ensued. A book was written about these wars. It was the first part of the Chronicles, which became known in our world as: “The Book of the Wars of Yahweh” (or Jehovah). When that War first died down, a Peace Treaty was never signed. Thus without fighting, we remained in a state of Cold War.”

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