“Those of the Planet of the ‘Green Race’ from Draconis, who sided with us, had to be evacuated to our own Planets that became part of the Alliance; leaving the enemies in their original Planets.”
“We thus began joint experiments anew with them, this time creating humanoid beings with them in laboratories. This time we decided to make hybrids of our mixed four races. The results were four races as you have on Earth.”
“Those that look like yourself, like Africans, those that look like the Europeans, those that look like the dwellers of India and those that look like the dwellers of Japan. For though you have seen that I have a complexion like your own, but you have no doubt noticed that I am not really like the Black men of Earth. There is still a difference between us.”(This was obviously the Brown Alien still speaking, and he was right about that; he and I looked different.)
“Well to continue with our story, our enemies, the Renegades, followed us everywhere we went to create, and always managed to corrupt and interfere with our creations. They took the direct approach by very simply bombarding the laboratories that we set up, killing many Creators and the beings that we created in the process.”
“And when they could not do this, they waited till we had left the new colonized planets. Then they came behind us and corrupted any teachings that we had given to those beings. Turning them against us, and installing themselves as gods over them, after either killing our Watchers – the Guardians that we had left behind to monitor the new creations’ progress – or corrupting them to their way of thinking.”
“And if they failed to exterminate or corrupt them all, they very simply sabotaged the whole scientific experiment by interbreeding with the new races created and making children with them, knowing that we would consider such colonies a failure. Believe me; they knew what they were doing.”
“When that happened we were always forced to move elsewhere, and we continued regardless to create; returning from time to time, visiting the former colonies, contacting some members of their communities to talk to them on our behalf, and tell them the truth about us and about the Renegades.”
“Sometimes some of our Creations were faithful to us and respected our teachings, thus elevating themselves in our esteem. Others were excited into forming alliances with our enemies and to come to war against us.”
“Since that time when we first succeeded in creating humanoids, till the time when we came to this part of the universe, we populated four hundred and ninety nine planets (499) all very similar to this Earth. To all of them we taught our national language, which resembles ancient Hebrew. And the individual groups also taught their creations their own languages.”

“For the description of the beginning of Earth that you have in your Bible took place in the time of our ancestors, not ours. And we simply taught that description to the Adam and Eve, (the first couple of Human beings) that were created by my personalgroup. But before I come to those writings, there is one thing to which I want to draw the attention of all who will read this message.”
“When Moses and all the other prophets throughout the Scriptures said ‘Sons of Men’ they meant humanoid people who were not human beings of terrestrial origins. These are also referred to as the ‘Sons of the Gods’. And when they said ‘Children of Men’ they usually meant the humans of terrestrial origin.”
“Such an appellation is particularly used in the Book of Daniel to describe the ‘heavenly messenger’ or ‘angelic being’ that saved Daniel and his companions from the furnace.”
“Extra-terrestrial beings, some good and others bad were also called ‘Watchers’ by early biblical writers.”

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