Civil Law (continued 4)


‘This also is a perfect Law. You must show all due respect to your parents. On no account, must you abuse, insult, neglect or disrespect them. In our eyes and before God, nothing justifies an appalling attitude towards parents. Let your parents be in your eyes as God that you have never seen, and show them the same respect as you show your Monarchs and all people in authority in your countries.’

‘The same as they had looked after you when you were young, and even if they had not looked after you properly because of their poverty or state of physical or mental health, do look after your parents from the moment you have the means, and in their old age.’

‘If you have the comfort and the means to support them when they are old and senile, do not put them away in a hostile hostel or old people’s home. But let them live their final years with you, surrounded by the attention, companionship and the warmth of their children and descendants. The only exception to this rule should be if their state of health is such that they need constant professional help and attention which you could not provide; or if they are a danger to you, to themselves and to others.’

‘But if in their old age, their attitude or habits make living with your spouse or your chosen life companion difficult; arrange for your parents to have a habitation in the grounds of your property or immediately close to your home, where you would be able to care for them without them destroying your own relationships with others.’

‘But on no account should you let them interfere with your efforts, in your search for Divine Realization. And, if despite your efforts, their attitude is such that you cannot live happily with them, then separate yourself from them and suppress all physical contact with them.  But still endeavor to care for them from afar, as much as you can. And even then, on no account, should you return their abusive attitude in a manner alike to theirs.’

‘Obey your parents, no matter how old or stupid you may think they are.  Thus if you are ready and on your way to go to Church, Synagogue, Mosque or Temple, and one of your parents asks you to do something useful to them, like fetching water for example; you must first fetch them water, before going to the place of worship. In this case, obeying your parent in doing something useful and needed to him, is much more important than going to the place of worship.’

‘Refusing to obey such a reasonable request from a parent in order to go to the place of worship, will not excuse you before God. You have broken God’s Law of obedience to your parents.’

‘However, if a parent stops you from going to the place of worship and asks you instead to go and worship the Devil with him, or to go and carry out a robbery, you must not obey him or even listen to him. Because he is asking you to break the First Commandment, and (or) the Eighth Commandment that says: ‘You shall not steal.’

‘Notice the difference between the first and second situations, and be wise.’ Be perfect and impeccable, as the Lord your God wants you to be. For that is why that Law was given to you.’ 

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