The Sixth Commandment


‘You shall on no account kill anyone or anything for fun, or out of jealousy; nor to disguise a crime committed either by yourself, your relatives, your friends, or for someone else or for money. But the same as with the other Commandments there are attenuating circumstances even for this Law.’

‘Thus, if you kill a Human being that is trying to murder you, after you have exhausted all attempts at escaping them or protecting yourself, you do not sin in the eyes of God Most High, nor in our eyes. The same goes with animals. While it is permissible to kill an animal that is trying to kill you, or that would otherwise kill you if you spare its life, it is a terrible and an unforgivable sin to kill any animal for no apparent reason, or for sport.’  

If you live where fruit, vegetables, eggs and milk and cheese are in abundance, you shall refrain as much as possible from consuming meat. It is however acceptable to kill an animal and eat it, when you are faced with a famine and where food is not in abundance.’

‘Therefore if you are in danger of being killed by an animal, or of being murdered by a Human being, try to simply wound them in order to incapacitate them and to give you the chance to escape. If it is a Human being, let him be judged and dealt with by the law of the Country where you both happen to be.’

‘Few animals are murderous by nature. They kill to survive or for self-protection.  Therefore if you wound and escape from an animal that was trying to kill you, it would immediately abandon pursuing you to attend to its wounds.’’

‘But if despite your efforts to only wound them, you kill an animal or a Human being in order to save your own life, you do not sin. But never use excessive force when you are able to escape with less damage to your aggressor. Make use of mercy, pity, love, compassion and understanding when dealing with other living beings. Love and protect them as you would love and protect yourselves, and as you would like to be loved and protected.’

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