Social Law (continued 3)


‘Remember why you came to Earth. Worshipping God, whether you are part of a Religious Denomination or not, is primordial; but you first have to live in order to do this.  Therefore set a day apart, in which you must dedicate yourself to honoring and thinking of God, acknowledging His existence and Sovereignty with prayers and acts of adoration; either by yourself or with like-minded people.’

‘That day must be holy to you and to all those in your care and in your home; if you can help it, do not do any work on that day. But as we have already said, those rules were made for Man; so the Sabbath was instituted for Man, not Man for the Sabbath. Therefore live with the times.’

‘Before, people took this law to extremes, not even washing their bodies or warming up their food on the day of the Lord. Such fanaticism is not required of you now. Cleaning your body in order to appear presentable before God is not only acceptable but necessary; the same as cleaning the body of a baby that has soiled himself on the Sabbath is not only acceptable, but also necessary and hygienic.’

‘Before, people considered it work if someone wrote even a single letter or a single symbol on a piece of paper, or warmed food cooked the previous day for the Sabbath. Such fanaticism is not required of you. Simply writing someone’s address or telephone number on the Sabbath day is not working.’

‘But you will break the Sabbath, if you install yourself at your desk to continue with the type of work you usually do during the week. You will break it, if you avoid praying and paying homage to God, in order to write piles of letters to catch up on mundane correspondence. But there are exceptions with this law.’

‘All works of charity and of people like doctors are permitted; if it is urgent to save a human life. Therefore all those who work in the emergency departments of hospitals do not break the Sabbath if their shift work falls on that day, or when necessary.’

‘Doctors should never schedule surgical operations for the Sabbath day in order to pay homage to God. But if any emergency operations are necessary, they should leave their Church, Synagogue, Temple or Mosque and go and save the life of the patient when asked, or when necessary. They do not break the Sabbath, and what is more, they are doing a divinely commendable deed.  Saving a human life is more important than meditating.’

‘Some fanatical people consider it a sin to drive a vehicle to go to their place of worship that is wrong. You should make all efforts to get to the place of worship on time.  Therefore driving a vehicle in order to go and worship God is not an infraction of the Law.  You invented vehicles to be able to travel faster. It is similar to walking. The vehicle simply replaces your feet and helps you to get there earlier and without exerting yourself too much.  But driving a vehicle for the sole aim of going to do your regular work on the day of the Lord – except to save a life – is a terrible sin that should be avoided.’

‘Therefore, respect the Day of the Lord, and keep it holy. Let every person that lives in your house and the confines of your property do the same. Not even an animal that works for you during the week should be made to work on that day. Instead, it should be fed and left to repose itself.’ Guests staying in your house should respect the Law of reposing and not working; whether they believe in God or not. If they refuse to obey your wishes, they should be asked to leave. Do not reach any half-way understandings with anyone about that; it should be your way, or no way at all.

‘You should prepare all week and look forward to the Day that has been traditionally dedicated to the Lord in your religious denomination. So much that you should even go with less food during the week in order to celebrate that Day in abundance.’

‘On that Day, clean and adorn yourself to look good in your own eyes and in the eyes of those who see you. Adorn your table with the fineries that you possess, and serve the finest foodstuffs and wines. But at the same time, avoid excessive indulgence and drunkenness. In short, simply make it to be a very special day, distinctively different from all the others.’

‘With regards to asking those who break the Sabbath in your house to leave, we urge you to never compromise your quest for Divinity. It is best to fall out with a Human being, than risk the wrath of God the Mighty One. 

‘Everything you do while observing the Ten Primordial Laws of God is taken into account. Do not for one moment think that any of your efforts are wasted. You shall realize just what advantages come with obeying these Laws, when you begin to acquaint yourselves with the Mysteries.’

‘Respect the Day of the Lord and keep it holy. But as we have said, learn to recognize the times when concessions are necessary and acceptable. Always be obedient and even a slave to God; but sometimes when necessary, you do not have to be a slave to the Law, or to your Religious Denomination, or to your tradition.’

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