“The first children of our first Adam and Eve were quadruplets. This fact is not mentioned in the contemporary versions of the Bible, but it is very clear to those who can read the ancient Hebrew form, in which that passage was written. There were Cain, Abel and two girls.’
‘As we were still closely studying this first couple, we treated the woman with fertility medicines, to encourage mass production of ovules. Those were fertilized with Adam’s sperm that we took from him. Four foetuses were the result of this treatment.’
‘Note that we were doing this, first as scientists; and our work was similar to the experiments Earth scientists are now doing all the time with apes in their laboratories.’
‘The foetuses were completely brought to term in our sophisticated laboratory. The same procedure was carried out on all the over six couples that were created in the other six laboratories.’
‘Thus from some couples we produced up to ten babies at a time, the foetuses being incubated, inside large artificial womb-like machines only; in order to insure their survival.’
‘All fertilizations were done in-vitro. Only later on, after each couple had produced up to fifty sets of children within five years, did we teach and allow them to mate naturally, freeing them from the laboratories. But right from the start they were encouraged to bond with their children, getting them to visit them while they were incubating. You may rightfully call it mass breeding. All those children were then educated in the schools by the teachers that were amongst us.’
‘Within three centuries, as well as the Creators, each continent had millions of inhabitants, all descendants of these seven couples created by us. These were highly evolved people. All of them lived long lives because we had given them all the scientific knowledge that we had, including the Secret of Eternity. They were our obedient and faithful children, living in harmony and following all the Laws that we had given them about God, which Laws we ourselves obeyed also. We also taught them the Divine Mysteries that our loving Ancestors had left us.’

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