What is The Red String?

The Red String

I have been receiving many emails from people as king me to explain the significance of those red strings being worn by people like Madonna, the Beckams Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher. I am also asked if we Essenes wear them.

The kabbalah Centre claims that, the Red String is an ancient kabbalists powerful technology of protection. Its purpose is supposed to: to protect the wearer from the envious looks of others, and to help him eliminate feelings of jealousy and resentment in himself. The technology of the Red String is: a strand of red wool worn around the left wrist and is an indispensable tool for spiritual and physical protection.

The teachings of Kabbalah do not include prohibitions or commandments. Instead, the kabbalists speak of positive and negative energies. The negative energies of jealousy and envy emanate through the eyes—which gave rise to the very vivid and very ancient term, the Evil Eye.

According to the kabbalists, this form of negative energy can affect our lives and well-being. It can hold us back from achieving our destinies and it can also cause us to lose what we have already achieved.

So these strings are now seen on the left wrists of many celebrities. It has become one of the best-selling talismans provided by the Kabbalah Centre, costing $26 each.

According to Kabbalah Centre, the color red is one part of the technology. The official ones sold by then must be first taken to Israel, where a length of Red String is wound around the tomb of Rachel, the matriarch of the Bible.

Rachel is considered by them to be the mother of the world; and her greatest desire is to defend all of her children from evil. Throughout her life, Rachel acted as the protector of all humankind. According to Kabbalah Centre, the burial sites of the righteous are a portal to the energy they created in their lifetimes. The Red String is brought to Rachel’s tomb where it is infused with her force of protection.

Because Rachel’s tomb is located in one of the most politically volatile areas of Israel, these bands are the more important because of where they have to be taken to be charged. So each and every Red String sold by the Kabbalah Centre must undergo this process in order to be considered an authentic form of protection against the Evil Eye.

The Red String is individually sized and worn around the left wrist. The left side of the body has being identified as the part where energy enters. The left arm and hand pertain to the concept of receiving; the right arm and hand embody the power of giving. Negative forces, therefore, enter the body through the left side. By wearing the Red String on the left wrist, negative energies are intercepted at the precise point of entry. The string is tied in a carefully prescribed sequence of seven knots, each of which symbolizes a separate spiritual dimension that infuses man’s reality. It’s important that someone who loves the wearer—someone they deeply trust—ties the string around the wearer’s wrist. As it is being tied the wearer should ask for the power to radiate kindness, compassion, appreciation, and absence of the Evil Eye to everyone around them.

To answer the other question, no we Essenes do not wear the red strings. To each his own I always say. We do not need to wear them in my opinion. Of course, the Red String has become a real money spinner for the Kabbalah Centre, and good luck to them. Besides, those strings have now become something that identifies members of the Berg Kabbalah Centre, and sets them apart from other Kabbalah groups.

We have our our traditional white gowns and our Chapelet beads which can be worn around the neck, or on a special pouch hanging from the waist.


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