Have you always asked yourself: What is this thing called life? Why am I here? Where do we come from? Is this all there is, or is there more?
When your loved ones die do you break your heart wondering: How is it that one day, my father, mother, brother, sister, child is here, the next, they are gone, and it is as if they never where here. What happens to them after life. And is this life truly worth living in the end?
Here, you will find answers to these questions and thousands more, about man, Spiritual knowledge, Divine Power.
Come and learn how to prepare to, and receive direct Divine guidance, both in signs and by other methods, just like the Historic Yeshua (Jesus) used to teach. For that, THE ESSENES HAVE THE ANSWER!!!
Have you ever wanted to learn to develop powers such as Harry Potter and the Hogwarts students have?
Well, look no further. Hogwarts, is fiction; but the Order of the Essene is the real thing… We’ll show you how to DEVELOP YOUR INNER POTENTIAL.

As a practicing Essene, you will go through various techniques, regroup your progress, and find ways to use this more. It often takes a few months of practice to make it a habit of staying relaxed and “tuned-in” to your Holy Guardian Angel. This provides a path of clear positive energy for you to tap into, as you strengthen your connection with Elyonin, your spiritual helpers and your HGA.
Being an Essene is a whole way of life.
You will immediately begin accustoming yourself to the Essene lifestyle with regular, easy prayers, Angelic Communions and rituals which will quickly become part of your routine
Unique to these Angelic Communions are a series of techniques that help you experience your own truth and absorb it into your feelings. These cover the following areas and more:
*Reducing stress and anxiety with quick relaxation techniques.
*Powering your thoughts to open or close your clear, positive energy flow and the connection with your angels.
*Freedom from self-imposed limitations and early childhood programming.
*Opening your mind to be receptive to your Angels for direction and solutions for daily living.
*Discerning positive and negative energy in your environment and clearing negative thoughts from your mind.
*Unfoldment of extrasensory perception, intuitive and spiritual gifts.
*Inner rather than outer security.
*Accessing God within, and becoming one with Him, and discovering your life’s purpose.
This is an enjoyable step by step way to clarify and do more of what you have come to planet earth to do, by working more closely with your spiritual helpers. Go faster if you desire, or at whatever pace you want.

Realizing your Divinity, asking and getting concrete signs, connecting with God Within are all parts of your relationship with God.
You’ll learn to pay attention as a way of preparing to receive direct divine guidance in the form of, not only signs but by other methods too.
Here, you’ll find answers to questions about spiritual knowledge, spiritual and Divine Power.
You’ll discover new life through self work, and group work in interactive meetings and sessions.
You’ll share with like-minded people, study the practical aspects of spirituality as Yeshua, his apostles and all the other Essenes knew them.
If you are looking for support, understanding and guidance, you’ll find them here. You’ll be able to be with kindred spirits who’ll accept you as you are.

By:Rabbi Desiree

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