The Ninth Commandment


‘For absolutely no reason should you lie or accuse another person of something they have not done. Neither should you make such a declaration on the behalf of another person, to help them get out of a difficult situation.’

‘This law concerns and touches all situations and all persons regardless of who or what they are. For every single false accusation that you make against another person shall be held against you by us Elyonin, and by God the Mighty One, whether your trumpery is discovered on Earth or not.’ 

‘Therefore, if you have committed an offence, admit it. Do not accuse another person.  If you made the accusation because of the resemblance of the wrongly accused person with the perpetrator, please correct your mistake as soon as you are aware of it, and acquit the innocent person. Thus you will be found righteous before us Elyonin, and before God the Mighty One.’

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