Moses, (continued)

‘After Jacob and his son Joseph had died, most of the People of God that were in Egypt became pagans and worshipped Api, and many of the other idols the Egyptians made of the Renegades. Only a few cared to be educated in the faith of their ancestors; and even while doing the learning, they still worshipped the idols.’

‘But Moses was a real seeker, who dared to see beyond the philosophies, the idolatries and the injustices of the Egyptians. It was he who, after realizing that the Renegades and the Nephilim were mere living beings, dared to question his teachers’ stories. Then he sought and contacted us, in order to know our side of the story.’

‘That is why we again saw our hopes renewed and contacted him. We had to use telepathy to bring him to meet us in the mountains. In the biblical book of Exodus, we appeared to Moses for the first time: 

‘And the angel of the Lord Yahweh appeared unto him in a flame of fire out of the midst of the bush: and he looked, and behold, the bush burned with fire and the bush was not consumed.’ (Exodus 3:2)

‘As anyone can now understand, a flying vessel landed not far from Moses with a bright orange landing light on. The description that was made of its light behind the bush is similar to the one that a bushman in Papua New Guinea would have made two centuries ago and even early this century, if it had landed before him too. This was a confusing and amazing sight, because the bush seemed to be on fire but it did not burn.’

‘The scriptures are full of similar descriptions of Elyonin appearing to other prophets, and this with hundreds and even thousands of years of time between them. Take Nephi a prophet named in the book of Mormon. In it, it is written: ‘There came a pillar of fire and dwelt upon a rock before him’ (Nephi 1:6 ‘The Book of Mormon’)

That description is similar to the ones given by Moses and others, as we shall see.’

‘It was during that meeting that Moses was told of our conflict with Tiamat (Satan), and his three colleagues, the rest of the Renegades and the Nephilim. He was given the whole story just as we are giving it to you again now. Then he was told to go and ensure the freedom of the now enslaved descendants of Jacob, and to gather as many people as he could, to whom he would entrust our story for the rest of the Humanity of the future; and to get them out of Egypt. It was after that, that he went and began talking to the people.’

‘But his work was very difficult, for those that were put in his charge were a savage, unruly and disobedient crowd who did not have respect for human life and who easily killed each other for the tiniest of reasons. They virtually had to be convinced to believe in the One True God, and the faith had to be implanted so hard in their hearts and the memory of events before that, had to be seared in their minds in a way that they would never forget.’

‘First they had to be removed from among the people who refused absolutely to follow us Elyonin, in a manner such that they would never be tempted to go back. Then they had to be taken somewhere where they could not be easily influenced by the Renegades. That is why the events at that time had to be unforgettable ones.’

‘For before the very famous Exodus as you now know it began, we Elyonin encouraged our Human helpers to conduct religious evangelical campaigns all over Earth, and in Egypt in particular, to try and win the populations to our side. There were seven such persons; Prophets, similar to Moses at that time. The Nephilim’s followers also began doing the same.’

‘These campaigns did not go smoothly as there were constant Wars between us and the Nephilim, and between their followers and those who were loyal to us. Their people threatened those who tried to follow our Prophets, and forced them to change ranks. The Nephilim of course charged their people to instruct the Humans – as the Renegades are again doing now with the Young man from France – that it was in fact Lucifer, Leviathan, Satan and Belial (or Kingu, Nammtar, Tiamat and Azag) who created Humanity on Earth.’

‘Yahweh, the Leader of our Council of the Wise, was portrayed as a contradictory despotic liar, and a cruel Creator who destroyed and exterminated populations for no important reasons, and when he felt like it. In the end Moses was the only one who managed to gather a large number of people willing to listen to us. The other six leaders in other parts of Earth were all murdered with their followers; with a few that escaped with their lives being taken into slavery by the followers of the Nephilim.’

‘Moses decided that he should present the idea of the one God, with His Name being Jehovah/Yahweh that they already heard about; because none of the Hebrews would obey him if he presented Elyonin to them as real living beings. Thus he put the seal on our leader becoming and continuing to be worshipped as the God of the Hebrews.’

‘When time came for him to conduct our people out of Egypt, we did all we could to ensure that they at least survived. Because even then, the whole pharaonic family of Egypt and their armies were followers of the Nephilim, who explained the danger of there being any group of our followers on Earth.’

‘They were the ones who instructed the Egyptians to make sure that our followers never left Egypt, and to exterminate them before they could go and set up a nation of their own.  That is why they pursued them after they left Egypt. The following biblical passage tells how we protected Moses and the people on their way:’

“And the Lord (or Elyonin) went before them by day in a pillar of cloud, to lead them the way; and by night in a pillar of fire, to give them light; to go by day and by night.” (Exodus 13:21)  

‘Here, this pillar of cloud was just a fleet of ten of our grey-coloured flying vessels which flew slowly in a line ahead of the crowd who then were ordered to follow the vessels.  As these were high in the sky, they formed a column, or a horizontal pillar. All space vessels sighted during the day are called ‘clouds’ in the Bible, because of their colour and at default of an adequate description by the primitive people.’

‘At night, the vessels switched on strong lights directed to the ground, to allow the people to see where they were going. When the Egyptians, on the orders of the Nephilim through Pharaoh, pursued the people to exterminate them, we again used our vessels to protect them, as it is written:’

“And the Angel of the Lords (or of Elyonin) who went before the camp of Israel, removed and went behind them; and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face and stood behind them. And it came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel; and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these so that the one came not near the other all night.” (Genesis 14:19-20)

‘That means that during the night when the People set up camp, the vessels were landed between the Egyptians and the people. Strong spotlights were switched on and directed towards the Egyptians, while the people remained in darkness and could sleep in peace. While our officers who were in the vessels watched the Egyptians, and stopped them from coming near the people.’  

‘And to cross the sea, Moses was also again helped: “And Moses stretched out his hand over the sea; and the Lord (Elyonin) caused the sea to go back by a strong east wind all that night, and made the sea dry land and the waters were divided.” (Exodus 14:21)

‘This passage says clearly that the parting from the sea was caused to happen from above. A repulsion beam that pushed the water back was used. This was felt as a violent wind that blew in the middle of the sea. The water was thus held apart for a while, allowing the people to pass through to the other side. Anyway, we chose a rather shallow part of the Sea of Reeds for them to cross.’

‘Someone might ask: “why did we just not take them in our vessels, and deposit them where we wanted Moses to take them?’”. To that, we say that it was important that these people learnt a few lessons, and also learnt to take care of themselves.’

‘Also, it was important that they believed in God Most High like we do, and that they understood that we, Elyonin, were not that God. If we had made the task easier for them, we would have failed in wiping idolatry and the worship of the Nephilim out of their hearts, which was the most important thing we wanted before anything else. And not only that, they would have simply started worshipping us again and called us gods.’

‘And our course of action was amply justified during that adventure as we shall prove. The exodus of the people lasted a very long number of years, and some of them even set up in villages and encampments and remained in those, while the others continued on.’

‘This was because, even with the vigilance of the Watchers that protected them from the air, Satan and his Fallen Watchers still had access to their former followers that had come among Moses’ people; thanks to miniature transmitters hidden in the idols that they had brought with them. Through those, Satan and his friends told the people that Moses was leading them to their death; that he had brought them out of Egypt to be exterminated by Yahweh.’

‘And those who had these idols were easily persuaded to rebel and to drop out of the long exodus. Because most of those who had come had been slaves; and their original reasons for following Moses was the prospect of escaping their masters and regaining their freedom. Once free, they quickly decided to stop travelling, set up camps and refused to budge; preferring to worship the idols they already had, and out of which voices came from time to time, instead of a nameless God who Moses told them about, and who they could not see or hear.’ 

‘But more of those who had idols still followed the crowd, in order to go as far away from the Egyptians as possible, and because their needs were met by Moses. Next Moses again had to be called to meet us, this time on Mount Sinai in order for us to again give him some equipment which comprised a transmitter and receiver, and also to teach him how to use it, as well as giving the Law, of course.’

‘But this transmitter was a new improved model, different from the ones that our earlier prophets had been given. This one functioned by an ‘atomic powered battery’ to which was also attached another machine that was to be used to make food. We also gave him the Divine Laws destined for the people that were in his care; laws by which we too abide; and the proper way to Realize their Divinity.’

‘Here we would like to bring to your attention, that those people that left Egypt with Moses, were not all Hebrews. Moses was not told to get out the Hebrews only. He was instructed to take with him all those who were willing to disassociate themselves from the Egyptians and the Nephilim; and to listen to and follow us, Elyonin. Those people who were willing to follow our teaching and to believe in God as we believed; whether they were Hebrews or not, and that is what Moses did.’ 

‘All the Hebrews left Egypt only because they were all slaves, and were hated as Hebrews. But many of them were also followers of, and worshipped the Nephilim and the Renegades. They also were just as savage, violent and hostile as the rest of Humans everywhere. They were particularly stirred into attempting to assault the mountain where Yahweh, our Leader met Moses, in order to capture him, as Tiamat (Satan) promised them that he would be a better god to them.’

‘One such rejection of our Leader and of God was demonstrated by the ‘golden calf’ that those people made while Moses was in the mountain, meeting our Leader. Along the whole of the Exodus, Moses was subjected to verbal abuse, and sometimes he was even threatened with violence.’ 

‘As long as these people behaved like that and swayed in their loyalty to Moses and to us, we could not allow them to reach the country that we had destined to only those who would be loyal to us. That is why they remained in the desert for forty years. Because it became necessary that all those who had come from Egypt died, before their children installed themselves in the new land. For it was obvious that those who had not known slavery and the Nephilim, would be easily taught and made to obey than those who had been exposed to the Nephilim’s teachings.’

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