‘Moses was one of our Prophets after Jacob who had regular visits from us and who described his sightings and our interactions with him, in a most spectacular and detailed manner.’

‘Know then, that despite any scientific explanations that would now be given by Human scientists, what happened when Moses was in Egypt was both a demonstration of our power, and the use of the Mysteries that we gave to Humanity.  For nothing is impossible to God, we tell you again, and not believing that there is a Universal God is a very bestial and mortal error that should not even be in your thoughts.’

‘Our work with Moses was one that was our last attempt to forever give the Law of God, and to firmly establish faith in Him among the people of Earth, while at the same time insuring that the memory of us did not disappear from Earth for good.’

‘The Nephilim had again firmly established themselves on Earth especially in Egypt where they married the daughters of Noah’s descendants by his son Ham, and helped found the first mighty Royal Dynasties of the Pharaohs.’

‘Our battles with the Renegades were confined to Outer Space, away from Earth, where we now had to fight their space vessels, before we could enter Earth’s space to meet with our Prophets who lead the few ‘People of God’ who existed then, and who gave our side of the story to Humanity at that time.’

‘Our Council of the Wise decided against any further military interventions against the Renegades on the Earth’s surface, whenever we could help it. Since they saw that it was exactly what the Renegades wanted. As their aim has always been the destruction and the annihilation of the Human Race, the Renegades welcomed the Wars, because they could then just watch the sufferings, and the deaths of large numbers of our beloved Creation. But Earth being now so heavily populated, we could no longer conduct our Wars here.’  

‘All had returned to a near-primitive state and idolatry abounded. All Extra-Terrestrials that came to Earth came to be seen as gods. The people who were loyal to us were worshipping Yahweh, the leader of our Council of the Wise as God, as I have already said. The rest worshipped the Nephilim.’

‘Those who knew of both our stories, worshipped us and the Nephilim, by making several, different idols of both groups of us. Even the people who travelled with Jacob and who had the opportunity to know our teachings, still superstitiously kept the old idols of the Nephilim that they had brought with them and still prayed to them. On that, Jacob admonished them as it is written:’

“Then Jacob said unto his household and to all that were with him, ‘put away the strange gods that are among you and be clean’ … And they gave unto Jacob all the strange gods which were in their hands, and all their ear rings which were in their ears, and Jacob hid them under the oak which was by Sechem.”  (Genesis 35:2-4)  

‘In the end, our Council of the Wise decided to concentrate on keeping our memory and the faith in God alive on Earth. Telling Humans that we were not to be worshipped, no longer seemed such a pressing issue. It was decided that when Humanity had developed again enough to understand what flying machines and high technology were, and when they had developed their own aircrafts – as we knew they would, – then should be the time to again give them the truth about their Creation, and about their presence on this Planet called Earth.’ 

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