Civil Law (continued 2)


 ‘In the same way, do not make any statues, likeness, images, carvings of any living beings, any humanoid or any animal, either dead or alive; that is, do not make them with the aim of rendering a cult to them. Nor of any planets and stars that exist, have, and shall exist, with the intention of adoring those. Do not bow down to those, or worship or pay any homage to them in any manner. For such would be denying God Most High and that He is One; and thus you will be putting them before Him.’

‘Therefore parading crosses of Yeshua being tortured on a cross, through the streets of cities; or statues of him as a baby and statues of his mother is an abomination. Also the kneeling to, bowing to, and worshipping of those, is an abomination in our eyes and to God the Mighty One. Honour should go to God that made you, and to no other.’

‘Please, note that we do not wish to discourage art in any form. We ourselves love and thrive on it. We even wish hereby to encourage you to be creative in the media of painting, sculpture, drawing carving filming, designing, building, singing, acting and landscaping arts.  Be creative and enjoy your lives and your environments with every fiber of your being. It is only idolatry that we want to discourage and that we are warning you against.’

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