Civil Law (Continued)


‘We say, having given you those Ten Commandments and the others that are in the scriptures anew, you must live in the time you are in, and interpret them accordingly. As I have just said, they were made for Humanity and not the other way round. Without the existence of Man, the Commandments would be useless.’

‘Certain customs and traditions that were acceptable at the time of Moses are no longer in practice now. Attitudes that were acceptable in those days have become intolerable and even unheard of now. The legal verdicts dispensed and imposed by Moses are now considered barbaric and sanguinary. Acts that used to be considered awful crimes are now benign to contemporary man.’

‘Accordingly, you must see that Moses’ primitive interpretation of these commandments does not become a chain around your necks in view of your way of living now. The first commandment is to be obeyed as it is expected to be, because it is a perfect Law. Therefore only God Almighty, the God of your heart should be your God.’

‘You must never worship any thing that exists, has existed and (or) shall exist, if it can be seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelt, felt or easily fathomed. You were created in the image of God, and only that God that is within you, and is part of you, is worthy of your worship; and you are all aware that God within can neither be seen, heard, touched, tasted, smelt, felt or easily fathomed, He just Is.’

‘In order to Realize your Divinity, you should do all you can, sacrifice all you have if needed, in order to succeed. For that is the only reason for your transmigration on Earth now.  For that you must research, investigate and try all Lineages of Mysteries and wisdom, until you find the one to which you properly belong in order to access that Divinity.’

‘Trust God within you, and in time, you will surely find the Master who will come to instruct you and thousands like you; for that is how transmigration is organized.  And when you have found your Master, it is to him that you shall give all the time, attention and devotion that was programmed in you; and that, during your Divine realization.’

‘For to him, you owe even more dedication and devotion than to your own father.  And to Him and only him you owe something close to adoration and worshipful devotion.  That is what we Elyonin have all done and how we have proceeded in our world over the ages, and how we always will.’

‘But you shall not waste your time in devotion and worship for any realized Religious Leader or Teacher who does not give you or is not willing to give you the means to Realize yourself and raise yourself to his level. Your Divine Realization is the primordial reason for your presence on Earth.  Therefore do not waste any of the precious time you have, when you are presented with an opportunity to get on the Way.’

‘There are few genuine Lineages of Mysteries left on the Earth such as the Essene Lineage, as held by this, our little messenger Desiree. There are also the Jews who hold a perfect Lineage quite similar to hers, since Essenism is a branch and a Lineage of the Jewish religion. But seek those that are Messianist in Orientation; and by that we mean Yeshua’s Messianism. Seek those Lineages of the Jewish faith that are not hostile to the teachings of the late Rabbi Yeshua of Nazareth.  Many of them exist nowadays.’

‘But seek not only those of Yeshua’s but also those of Wise Men of other Religious Denominations who do not despise or disregard other true Lineages; and who instruct people in the Mysteries using the Mystical Qaballah. Because the rest of the branches of the Jewish faith have now fallen into a monarchic, conservative and even selfish way of refusing to disclose their knowledge to all. Such is the kind of attitude that Rabbi Yeshua was opposed to.’

‘Then there are many Buddhist Lineages, such as those handed down by the Karmapas. They have the Mysteries, and are willing to impart their knowledge to real seekers. The only problem with them is that their teachings are in need of modernization.  But our little messenger here is instructed to give you what you ultimately seek.’

‘There are a few Muslim sects, the best being the Sufis, who have ten Lineages that some amongst you can seek. But they too need to be modernized, because a lot of traditional and sectarian beliefs have long been introduced into their teachings.’

‘As well as these four groups, there are a few Christian Masters who are working in silence and are unwilling to come out in the open, because of the intolerance that exists in Christianity. There are also a few indigenous Wise Men throughout your World that still have the Mysteries in full. Seek them out if you wish, and learn from them, but do not limit yourselves to them only.’ 

‘Those are the ones you should seek and go to, for your progress. But as you shall see, there can only be one teacher on Earth that could allow you to totally break through to the Light, and that is the one that was chosen as your group teacher before you transmigrated.  He/she has the complete knowledge to bring you to success. Seek him out.’ 

‘But others could help you on the way. Some for meditation, others for correcting your attitude toward yourself, towards others and towards the way you see those dissimilar to you. There are still some others more, for preparing you for the ordeal ahead, and for the ‘dark night of the soul’; and finally for preparing and helping you to help others to do the same.’

‘But ultimately you will find the Lineage that was yours from the beginning of your Transmigration Journey. When you have found that Lineage, you shall know that you have found your real home and you would stop seeking. Then you will begin working on your Divine Realization.’

‘Now if you ask us which one amongst these ways is the best, we’ll say the Essene Way, as presented by our Messenger; which Rabbi Yeshua Bar Joseph’s Way was also.’

‘Note that Divine Realization should allow you to help your fellow Humans without the conventional human means. For example you should be able to cure illnesses without performing any medical operations or administering man-made drugs and medicine.’

‘You should be able to live in opulence and comfort; you and those who are your responsibility. Past, present and future should hold no secrets to you. Neither should the lives of those you come across. You should be all knowing, all seeing and all-powerful.  A Divinely Realized Being who should put his knowledge to good use for himself and the rest of the entire Human race.’

‘Joining a religious group that does nothing but sing Mantras without knowing how to use those for the good of mankind is a total waste of time. Becoming the devotee or follower of a seemingly or truly realized Master, who does not help you to become like himself and to develop the same powers as himself, and simply being amongst his throngs of followers is a total waste of time.’

‘For when he dies and leaves Earth you shall be left empty-handed and all the time spent following and worshipping him would have been useless and wasted. Instead, seek a Master who might not have millions of followers, but if he or she is willing to actively help you progress, he should be the best choice.’

‘Furthermore, going to a place of worship is good for the communion of Souls with likely orientated people, but useless if you do not realize that God Is Within you.’

‘A person that respects Divine Laws, that respects and does good by others is better, more righteous and worthy than one who is a regular frequenter of places of worship and tithe payer, who does not practice what is in the law of God the Mighty One.’

‘It is absolutely useless and very sinful to worship Rabbi Yeshua, his mother, his Apostles, and a host of long dead Religious Leaders and Teachers, whoever they may be or praying to them; without ever mentioning the God who they themselves worshipped.’

‘Those people were living beings like you, who like you, came to Earth for their Divine Realization; only, they succeeded. You must all therefore strive to do the same; and even do better than they did. Not by praying to them and asking them to do the work for you.’

‘You must come out of the conditioning you were born in, and realize that those people are dead and gone. They did not ask for, neither would they want you to worship them. For that is an abomination in the eyes of God the Mighty One. Praying to or worshipping dead former Prophets, would make absolutely no difference for your Divine Realization.  You must do as they did, by yourself.’

‘Yeshua came and pointed out the way that Humanity had to follow. Instead of looking at what he was pointing at, Humanity is now stopped and stalled, staring at the tip of Yeshua’s finger. Oh Man, wake up and see what he was trying to show you! Stop worshipping him, and start worshipping the God that Yeshua, himself, worshipped; the God whom he wanted you to see and to worship.’

‘In line of what I have just taught you, Yeshua was worthy of great respect and veneration only when he was alive, and only by his followers alone. Because they were those who profited from his teachings and who managed to Realize their Divinity thanks to him.’

‘But worshipping ‘Jesus’ and all the others now that they are no longer alive, breaks the First Commandment; and is an abomination in our eyes and to God the Mighty One. But asking him to intercede for you during your prayers to God is not.  In the same way as praying to God and asking Him to grant your demands through the merits of ‘Jesus’ is not an abomination; but praying to Jesus and calling him God while excluding God Himself is an abomination.’

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