Yeshua’s Birthdate (the end)

‘So, in place of the Messianic Judaism that Yeshua expected all of his future worldwide followers to practice, the Romans created Christianity, a pagan religion. The papal Empire was, and is still alive in the Roman Catholic Church which is ruled by the office of the popes, the old religion of Babel.’

“Who opposeth and exalts himself above all that is called Elohim, or that is worshipped so that he as Elohim sitteth in the temple of Elohim, showing himself that he is Elohim…” This prediction, which is also for the leader of the Renegades who shall be on Earth, makes allusion to the Church that was created by the Romans, and is illustrated till this day by the Popes.’

‘At that time there was only one power that ever set itself up as Elohim on Earth after the days of Yeshua’s Apostles, and that power was the Popes of the Roman Catholic Church, beginning with Constantine. He took on himself the title of Pope and changed the real Roman Empire. Then he enforced Christianity upon the Roman people, making it as we have already said the Roman State Religion.’

‘And Constantine forced on the Romans all the days of Sun-worship: Sunday, Easter, Christmas… etc. Then he forced everything that was Jewish or had anything to do with Judaism out of the teachings of Yeshua’s Apostles. This law came from Constantine in 235 A.D. which stipulated: “Magistrates, city people and artisans are to rest on the Sun Day”. This was the first ever Sunday law.’

‘A fanatical supporter of Constantine, Eusebius who had been nominated ‘Bishop of Caesarea’ wrote: ‘All things whatsoever that it was the duty to do on the Sabbath (the 7th day), these we have transferred to the Lord’s Day, Sunday.’

‘At the Council of Laodicea in 364 A.D. Canon 29 was made by the Church of Rome, which stated: “Christians shall not judaize and be idle on Saturday (the Jewish Sabbath), but shall work on that day.” So from then on, everything that was Jewish or connected in worship with Judaism, (Yeshua’s Religion), was abolished.’

‘The Roman Catholic Church was very anti-Semitic, right from Constantine himself; because, for his plans to succeed, he wanted to do away with Yeshua’s religion.  This he openly said, when he proclaimed that the Christians ‘shall not judaize’. 

So when Constantine became Christian Pope, he began to persecute the Jews.  Christians were forbidden to associate with them.  He banished the Rabbis in 337 A.D. and made it a crime for a Jew to marry a Christian woman. At the Council of Nicaea in 325 A.D. the question of Easter was discussed, and Passover was simply changed to Easter.  Constantine said:’

“And first of all, it appeared an unworthy thing, that in the celebration of this holy feast “we should follow the practices of the Jews”, who have impiously defiled their hands with enormous sin, and are therefore deservedly afflicted with blindness of soul… Let us have nothing in common with the detestable Jewish crow, for we have received from our savior a different way… Beloved brethren, let us with one consent adopt this course, -and withdraw ourselves from all participation in their baseness-… It was needful that this matter should be rectified, so that we might have nothing in common with that nation of parricides, who slew their savior… That all should unite in desiring that which sound reason appears to demand, and in avoiding all participation “in the perjured conduct of the Jews”. In fine that I may express in a few words as possible it has been determined by the common judgments of all that the most holy feast of Easter should be kept on one and the same day.”

 ‘Yeshua the Jewish Rabbi was not born of a virgin birth, unlike Jesus the Christian Christ. But do the Christians know that Crucifixion was not an event unique to ‘Jesus’? Many others died exactly the same way in other mythologies:

‘Mithras was crucified in Persia, Tammuz in Babylon, Thules and Orontes in Egypt, Odin in Scandinavia, and Hesus in Britain’s druidic tradition. All these crucifixions happened thousands and hundreds of years before Christianity surfaced.’

‘There were also many ‘Virgin Births’ and many’ Immaculate Conceptions’ in other pagan religions. Does humanity know that the ‘Christian Mary’ was not the only ‘virgin’ that had an ‘immaculate conception’?

‘In Mexico, Quetzalcoatl the Sun god’s mother, ‘conceived him as a virgin; the ‘strictly celibate widow’ Semiramis conceived Tammuz after Nimrod’s death ‘without’ a male partner; Hercules, the Only-Begotten Son of Zeus, (father of Greek gods) was born in a ‘virgin birth’ to Alcmene; In Egypt the goddess Isis ‘conceived Horus as a virgin’.

‘Ancient Egyptian inscriptions can still be found which say: “Immaculate is our Lady Isis”. The same title, as the whole world knows, is now being given ‘Mary, the mother of the Roman Catholic and Christians’ Jesus.’

‘Did you know that ‘Mary’ who is now being worshipped as a goddess, is a variety of the same entity in ancient mothers and goddess stories and traditions. For example, Maia was the mother of Buddha. Moya was the mother of Agni. Myrrha was the mother of Bacchus. Mariana was the mother of Krishna. Myrrha was the mother of Adonis … etc.’

‘Hercules had abolished sacrifice in his time, and was called ‘the good Shepherd and the Prince of Peace’. He descended in the realms of Pluto then later ascended to his father Zeus… So normally, Christianity abolished Temple sacrifice in the name of their ‘Jesus’ who, it was also decided by the Romans, will be known in the future to have ascended to his father ‘God’, naturally.

‘In ancient Persia, Sun worship was much spread, and all worship took place on Sundays. We also have Zarathustra. He was born on the 25th of December, in a manger in a cave, and was ‘world savior’, from the Sun, many centuries before the Christian Christ.’

‘So, after Christianity took over the religion of the Messianic believers (as Yeshua’s followers were also known) – which was a Jewish Religion, and which combined the belief in, and the practice of Yeshua’s teachings as the bringer of the Messiah Spirit through the Mysteries, with the old Pharisaic Orthodox ones, – Constantine declared that he intended to wipe out everything Jewish, and everything Yeshua himself stood for.’

‘That way, Christianity would have nothing in common with the nation of the Jews; or in other words ‘with the true religion of YHWH, which was also the true religion of Yeshua himself. And they used the Name of Yeshua, a Jewish prophet Messiah, to reach their aims, saying at the same time: “Let us have nothing with the detestable Jewish crowd”.

‘So Easter was fixed on the Sunday following the Jewish Passover contrary to Yeshua’s instructions. They changed the Sabbath to Sunday, and Passover to Easter, a festival that was kept by the pagans in the spring in honor of Baal, and not only that, polytheism was definitely declared. The Popes became known as the Holy See, god on Earth, and they are still known as, and called ‘Holiness’ or ‘Holy Father’ even now”.

‘But that was nothing new. They simply kept and perpetuated the tradition of all Roman Emperors who were declared gods and divine beings. The Pope of today is still set as a deity on Earth, and considers himself that! During that Council of Nicaea where Constantine made the speech that was partly repeated here, it was also decided that their ‘Jesus’ could not remain just a man; he had to be made a god.’

‘Surely the status of Yeshua as a simple Jewish Rabbi and Prophet could not fit, if his story had to be integrated into the old polytheist doctrine of Trinity. So this had to be changed. The bishops who sat in the panel at the Council voted for the Hellenized Jesus as the third person of their ‘Holy Trinity of God’ in the newly renamed old Babylonian religion, by the raising of hands. So they voted. Thus the Jewish Rabbi and Prophet Yeshua-Bar-Joseph became ‘Jesus’. He was elected to become a god to be worshipped, by the raising of hands, at a meeting staged by a group of Sun worshippers.’

‘After this meeting, Constantine issued the strict edict that said: “Anyone, Christian or not who continued to believe or claim that ‘Jesus’ was a simple man, or who accepted or followed doctrines that did not conform to the new Council of Nicaea decisions, was to be considered a heretic and to be exiled from the Empire or put to death.  Those who were true followers of Yeshua’s original doctrine were persecuted, stoned, arrested, and killed; and all their manuscripts were seized and destroyed.”

‘Now we used the writings and events that took place on Earth to present today’s message because it was necessary. However, criticizing any existing religious denomination was not our aim here. We want Yeshua’s religion to be revived and practiced as he intended it to be. We needed to make our point using the events that humanity are, or think they are familiar with. Only this time, we told you the truth. Therefore, Christianity is not and must not be your enemies.’

‘We have now finished with today’s message, Desiree. We shall leave you early today for reasons you shall know soon. We have come to the end of the messages that we had to record into your brain. Come back tomorrow and we shall meet.’

‘Then you will have the opportunity to ask us as many questions as you like; because for the whole week that follows from tomorrow, we shall give you the theoretical teachings that your Grandfather promised that we shall give you, and which we promised him that we would do.’

‘What we have until now recorded in your brain shall remain in it until you decide to write it down. We therefore urge you to write it in book form and have it published.  This of course is not an order; you are free to write and become our messenger, or to refuse to do so.’

‘We will show you how to contact us in case you do not wish to become our messenger. Until you do so, we shall assume that you will write the book and we shall wait as long as necessary for you to begin your work. Do not worry about being poor, or not being eloquent or anything else, because we will not abandon you.’  

‘Also, as we have told you, there are many people, among them some very rich and powerful personalities, – who were part of your transmigration group, and who are now on Earth – who will help you. The distant memories of all of them shall be activated as soon as they begin to read this message, and even before they had finished to read it, they would have decided and resolved to contact you, offering you help and support.’

‘So go with our blessing, because you shall never be alone. Those who are to contact you shall count in hundreds of thousands very quickly, later to millions. Every person that is supposed to contact you shall let themselves be known to you in due time.’

‘We also advise you never to make a nuisance of yourselves, neither you nor your followers. Never go knocking on people’s doors in order to tell them about yourselves.  Just contend yourselves to make this message known to as many people as possible. Even if you find yourselves in public places where people are free to express themselves, contend yourselves with giving them information about how to contact you.’

‘Desiree, we are not sending you to start a new religion based on people from out of space,( even though we advise you to open people’s eyes and minds to the fact that Humanity is not the only intelligent Humanoid race existing in this Universe, and awaken them to the fact that Earth is regularly visited by other highly advanced humanoid beings, who happen to be the Creators of the Human race.)’

‘Instead we are sending you to go and revive the Jewish Essene faith of Yeshua, which unfortunately is not being followed by Christianity, as it should be. But be careful about your Essene legacy. Do not be too hasty in entrusting your knowledge of the Mysteries to anyone who comes to you.’

‘At the same time, test those who wish to become initiated into them. And if you judge those people as serious, dedicated, sincere and worthy, do not refuse to teach or to help them Realize their Divinities. Be just as dedicated and faithful at instructing and helping them as your Grand-father has been, and as we too are going to be to you during the week that comes.’

‘As for those of you who will read this message, listen to your heart. If it stirs some remote memory, some need to meet and know this Messenger of ours, please, do not hesitate to write to her and be ready to help her and participate in this enormous task that we have just given her. Memories implanted in you should strongly tell you that this message is personally addressed to you, do not ignore their prompting.’

‘Do you own a piece of land that lay unused? Then do contact this, our Messenger, and offer it for the building of premises necessary for her to carry out her work. Do you have knowledge of constructing buildings? Then get in touch with her and offer your services. Do you have building materials but do not have the time to do the work yourself? Then offer them to her, for another builder will come forward to do the work.’ 

‘A lot of you came to Earth, having promised to do just that, and for that you chose to be rich in this lifetime. We have already helped many of you obtain those riches and everything necessary for this big enterprise to be carried out. Therefore, do not hesitate, and begin offering the help you promised to offer her, here on Earth.

‘Do you have a large house, a barn or a hangar in which your fellow Essenes could meet in comfort? Then contact her and offer your help. Do you believe you are one who is ready for the mysteries? Do you believe that you are on Earth for a specific purpose? Are you dissatisfied with your life despite your successes, riches and power, and feel that there is something lacking spiritually to make you feel complete? Do you have a feeling of not fitting anywhere, of not belonging?’

‘Have you always wondered why you were born and what the purpose of existence of Man on Earth truly is? Has this message brought you the last piece of a puzzle that has eluded you all your life? Then contact our Messenger and begin to piece the picture together.’

‘Have you amassed a large fortune and have no heirs? Have you always been known as an avaricious person, hoarding up large amounts but never spending them, nor knowing what to do with them? Well your time has now come to put those fortunes to good use. Before you go and buy yourself a ring, a watch or a toy worth one million Pounds, stop and put that money at the disposition of the writer of the message we give here. Simply listen to your heart and contact Désirée, our female Messenger.’

‘This message does not by any means demean any other faiths now existing on Earth. All are children of God, and all people are guided by God in the way that they can best understand Him. But, to those who feel that there is something missing from what they have already learnt, is this message directed.’

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