He began:
“We come from this Universe, but from a Planet in a Galaxy many light years away from this one. It is very, very far away. In fact, Earth people do not know the name of our Galaxy and judging from what they know so far, they do not even know of the existence of our planets and even of our Galaxy.”
“You see, all the people present on this vessel today, myself included, are from different places. We do not all come from the same Planet. Yes, I am not from Earth,” (he said this quickly as he saw me about to interrupt him) “neither is my companion here, (he added, pointing at the one who had welcomed me at the door with him), “but he and I are from the same Planet. We are representatives of different Solar Systems in different Galaxies. We are part of one of the Interstellar Alliances of Galaxies and Planets that comprise many planets of this Universe. There are many such Alliances in this part of space, and there are many other Universes of which Earth people do not wish to acknowledge the existence.”

“You see, space is infinite, and this Universe is actually the smallest there is among those that we have been able to map in this part of space. There are others even larger. And we can tell you that we have even been able to leave this our Universe, and to travel to the one nearest to ours. Not only that, we have already made contact with a civilized species there.”
“Our wish is to awaken the whole of Planet Earth into acknowledging our existence, and to bring it to openly become part of the Interstellar Alliance of which our respective Planets are part. Earth is one of the particularly similar and inhabited Planets in this Galaxy that are isolated in such a way.”
“In order to do this, we contact individuals from all Continents of Earth to whom we give different tasks. Those individuals are advised to gather groups of people whom they then instruct of our existence, messages and teachings.”
“All our attempts at persuading Heads of States of Earth to acknowledge us and to inform their subjects of our existence have resulted in their refusing to help, and then covering up all information they had received. So in contacting individuals this way and appearing visibly with our vessels from time to time, we hope to reach as many humans as possible, to the point where people in power will have no choice but to sit up and take notice.”
“Even when they refuse to notice; at least Humanity will know about us through the groups formed by the individuals we contact. We have been doing this work for a long time now.”
“But we have many enemies from other different galactic groups who have been opposing and fighting us for an even longer time, long before Adam’s creation. Amongst them are a group of Renegades, who will stop at nothing to sabotage our work and see us fail.”
“Those Renegades are a group who split from the original Alliance that we formed, and who subsequently fought against us and opposed us when our latest work on this planet began. They gave us much trouble, several times; forcing us into destroying the work we had already done, and sabotaging any more work we did. To this day they have never ceased doing so.”
“They have already begun contacting human individuals just like we are doing now, giving misleading stories to them about us in order to discredit us, and sowing doubt in people’s minds, with the aim of usurping our position, and they contact Humanity themselves in order to form an alliance with them and incite them into opposing us and fighting us when time comes.”
“If that fight happens, the results would be very damaging for Humanity, as it has already happened twice in the past. For those Renegades have nothing to do with the existence of Man on Earth. And they hate Earth people as much as they hate us.”
“We had thought until now that we could successfully stop them from entering Earth’s atmosphere and contacting Human people, but unfortunately they have managed to slip through and to make their own contacts.”
“In the past ten years we have tried to calm our Contactees on Earth by telling them that none but good Interstellar Aliens do reach this Planet. However, our enemies have discredited us by deliberately contacting people with no useful purposes; sometimes even kidnapping people and experimenting on them, and terrifying and mutilating animals. All this is with the aim of sowing terror in the minds of the major part of Earth people.”
“So now we have no other choice but to acknowledge their presence, and to alert Earth people to the existence and activities of their Contactees, so that they may distinguish these from our own messengers. So yes, we have our groups on Earth and they have theirs.”
“Earth is undergoing very major changes now. These changes are going to affect every Human Being, whether they accept our presence and believe us or not. It is our duty to prepare and awaken Earth’s Humanity for those changes. By changes, we mean that with the rapid progress in Earth’s technology, changes are happening in the way people see and conceive things; changes in their beliefs.”
“But something that we had always hoped would never happen is taking place today in France; that is why we came to talk to you today. We had always hoped we would never have to come to you, but now we have no choice.”
“But what use could I possibly be to you? I am just a girl and a student … I mean I am nobody … How can I help you? I do not understand…” I interrupted him, completely astonished. In fact I had been staring at him with my mouth widely open and frowning. “We are coming to that,” he replied patiently.
“The work you have to do for us is two-fold. Your first duty is to write a book about our meetings and everything that we are going to tell you today and in the days that come, without leaving anything out. Then you will continue with the work you began with your Grandfather. You will teach others what he taught you. We in turn will add to what he taught you and teach you more, and then you will do what he told you to do before he died.”
This time I began to interrupt him again, then changed my mind and stared at him with my mouth still slightly opened, now truly amazed.
“You see, your Grandfather prepared you for this work, as we instructed him to. Already we are impressed by the way you have behaved yourself. Sometimes people that we contact are so frightened and disturbed at meeting us that we have to abort the missions and never contact them again. And that can set us back dozens of years before we contact someone else.”
“Others cannot support direct contact like the one we are having now, and even though they end up being good messengers, we can only work with them in ethereal form and through ‘channeling’. Unfortunately they end up confusing us with ‘gods and angels’, and we do not want that to happen this time. We insist that difference between us and Angels be made obvious. You understand what channeling is, do you not?”
‘Yes I do’ I replied, nodding at the same time.
‘You see, you are not afraid of us, and that is thanks to your Grandfather’s conditioning. He prepared you from since you were very little for this meeting. So our visit to you did not come as a complete surprise.”

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