The City and Tower of Babel

‘Well as it is written, Noah and his sons were advised to free all the animals and birds and reptiles. They separated in three main families and set on to re-populate their world.  In their part of Palestine, they were the only survivors with their wives. So we came to assist Noah, who, you remember was a Scientist, and who was told to speed up the re-population.’ 

‘In fact, we also helped him build a scientific laboratory, and there we helped him produce multiple ‘artificial pregnancies’ as we did at the time of Adam, producing dozens of children from each wife of his children in regular and close succession in large incubator machines. When their daughters were just thirteen they were made to marry and also helped with producing many children. So it was indeed Noah who was the ancestor of all those people who existed in that whole area that is now the Middle East.’

‘After this further mass breeding, Noah separated his people in three main groups and set each one of his first three sons at the head of these groups. Notice that only three sons of Noah are mentioned in the Bible, but he really had more, even when he was ordered to build the Ark. But Shem, Ham and Japheth were the ones who were designated as leaders, and were ordained as Priests over these groups. And to them were entrusted the keys to the Mysteries as we gave them to Humanity.’

‘Japheth’s group went to the area of Earth now called the Caucasus with all the lands and mountains surrounding. Shem’s group remained in Palestine, stretching from the whole of the area now that encloses, Lebanon, and down all the way to Saudi Arabia; while Ham’s group went to Egypt.’

‘So before long, within two hundred years, that area became highly populated. For a long time, the whole of the people who lived in the countries around Palestine had one common national language which was the Ancient Hebrew I have already told you about.’   

‘We did not just abandon humanity after helping with this mass production of children. Again schools were built where we sent some of our best teachers, who once more came and educated these first children. When there were enough centers of culture, with Human teachers taking over the education of the rest of the populations, ELYONIN teachers left once more for the new Planet where we were again doing creation work, and the Humans were left to progress by themselves.’

‘However, Humanity was by now definitely calling us ‘the gods’ or ‘Elohim’. And though we never encouraged this, we also no longer bothered to stop them calling us gods.’

‘Watchers were left to monitor their progress, but they were stationed on the main bases which were situated on Luna, and on secret ones on Earth. But Melchizedech was the exception amongst ELYONIN who were in this Solar System. He lived openly as King in the city then called Salem, where he had a large castle. There, the ‘People of God’ regularly came and paid him tithes. Some other Human communities, including the Egyptians, had transmitters.’

‘As they multiplied greatly as a family, the descendants of Noah began to migrate.  A few of them, moved to the area where the country of Iraq now is, and further on. There they implanted themselves and multiplied greatly.’

‘And they built Erech, one of the best cities that had ever been built until then entirely by Humans, with colleges and schools. Erech was built when Heber, from whom descended Abraham, now lived. It was a masterpiece of architectural genius; a square city of twenty miles a side.’

‘From each side came five large avenues that all converged toward the centre of the city. About three-quarters up to the centre, these avenues came to a large circular road, which was about eight kilometers in circumference. There, within that circular road, was the administrative centre of Erech.’

‘Again from this administrative centre came four large avenues toward the centre of the city. Again these four avenues converged to another large circular road. And within the central area formed by that second circular road was the Scientific Centre; and right in the middle was where the scientists of Erech decided to build their famous “Tower”.’  

‘Erech became thus a great centre of culture, and was soon full of scholars and wise men. Many literary societies were formed as well as different associations and organizations. At that time Nephilim, the descendants of those who had left Earth on flying vessels began coming back to Earth.’

‘As these descendants of Noah progressed and admitted more and more Nephilim in their midst, they also became more and more materialistic. Their love and faith in God Most-High faded and then finally died; to be replaced by deep-set hatred for God. Just a handful of them remained faithful. That is when the members of one of those societies, comprising of eminent Scientists and Nephilim, decided to again, go to our home Galaxy (or Heaven).’

‘As it has always been when the people have stopped having need of God, their first aim has always been to get rid of belief in God in the hearts of their contemporaries; believing that they shall never achieve total freedom with faith in God still existing in others.’

‘Such an attitude is and has always been dictated by God’s, and our arch-enemy Satan, together with his vassals.  For the education of these people consisted also, apart from sciences, of materialistic doctrines and Satan and demon worship. With lecturers in Satanic doctrines like the ones we are telling you about now, the same that are being given to the Young Man in France.’  

‘For Satan and Lucifer, who began using Humanity from the beginning, imparting knowledge to them in order to get them to do their bidding, have never missed an opportunity for doing so.’ 

‘In those days, Angelic Beings, or Extra-Terrestrials, were seen more often and easily recognized; as they looked and dressed differently from the Humans. The Humans also saw the vessels in which they travelled, and which biblical prophets called ‘chariots’, ‘solid clouds’ and ‘the Glory of the Lord’ and which are described all over the Bible and other religious scriptures. It is written:

‘Now the whole Land had one language and one speech. And it came to pass, as they journeyed from the east that they found a plain in the land of Shinar; and they dwelt there.’    

‘And they said one to another: “Come, let us make bricks and burn them thoroughly.  And they had bricks for stone, and slime for mortar”.’

‘And they said, Come let us build us a city and a tower, whose top may reach unto Heaven; and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the whole Earth.’

‘And the Lord came to see the city, and the tower which the Sons of Men had builded.’    

‘And the Lord said, Behold, the people is one and they have all one language; and this they begin to do.’ 

‘Come, let us go down and there confound their language, that they may not understand one another’s speech.  So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the Earth: and they left off to build the city. Therefore is the name of it called Babel; because the Lord did there confound the language of all the Earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the Earth.’ Genesis 11:1-9

‘Once and for all we shall tell you the truth about what did happen. All the population here spoke the same language, which was at that time the language of Adam; which was our very own language that resembles ancient Hebrew. What we are dealing with here is how Satan and the other Renegades came again and tried to use Humanity against us, and also provoke Yahweh our Leader to become angry again with Humanity.’ 

‘Now, even though the city itself was built entirely by humans, the ‘Tower’ was built because of, and thanks to the instruction (or doctrines) of the Sons of Men, who were Nephilim or ‘ the fallen ones’.’  

‘Now in those days, when men built many cities, we Elyonin who are described here as ‘the Lord’, never made it a habit of coming and seeing and inspecting all of them, as that went against our policy of leaving the Humans to progress by themselves and never interfering with their lives and natural progress. Everybody knows that we would not worry over a mere building no matter how tall it was.’

‘There exist many skyscrapers now on Earth whose top floors are in the clouds and anyone climbing on top of those buildings shall see nothing but the immensity of space.  Therefore this ‘Tower’ that the people of Erech built was no ordinary tower’

‘The Tower that these people were trying to build was one that looked like the ‘chariots’ in which the ‘angels of God’ or Extra-Terrestrials travelled, with a top which pointed toward heaven. That ‘Tower’ was to look like today’s rockets found on Earth.’ 

‘And the expression ‘let us build a tower whose top may reach unto heaven’ means: ‘let us build a machine which could fly, with its top pointing toward the heavens, for that is where we want to go. That way, the heavens could be reached.’ Or very simply: ‘let us build a flying machine that will take us or help us reach heaven.’ And by heaven here you should understand that they meant our Galaxy.’

‘That is proved by the rather weird sentence added immediately afterwards: ‘… and let us make us a name, lest we be scattered abroad upon the whole of the Earth.’ You must understand that as times pass, the ways people express themselves change, and the way the writers of long ago used to make their descriptions and tell their stories is no longer similar to the way those of this era do.’

‘And both the Ancient and New Testament books of the Bible usually use the word ‘name’ to designate also the whole person bearing that name; most of all when it is the case of the name of God, and when it is the case of us Elyonin.’

‘So ‘to fear or love the name of God’ is to fear or to love God. Sometimes God is simply designated as ‘the Name’. A ‘name’ also means a reputation. So, ‘let us make a name for ourselves’ means let us make gods of ourselves. Or let us make ourselves equal to God’ or as powerful as God. Let us make a powerful, God-like reputation for ourselves.’

‘Of course, many precious parts of this story were taken out by those people who translated the Scriptures from ancient Hebrew. If they had been left intact, humanity would know the whole true story by now. But this story, like many others had been diminished with the parts giving the complete explanations of the facts being left out.’

‘For we would not go through the strenuous task of scattering people all over the planet, some with Watchers and angels assigned to protect them during travels lasting up to forty years, over a mere building. No matter how high it was built!’

‘And the second important expression to be noted from the passage that I quoted is:  ‘lest we be scattered abroad upon the Earth’…They feared being scattered abroad!’ When the people of Erech decided to become gods and dispense with our Leader Yahweh’s authority, they agreed that they could not totally be free to be gods in their own right, while the Almighty God was still being worshipped; and while Yahweh and our Council of the Wise still existed.’

‘So they decided to ‘go to heaven’, to our Galaxy, and murder the members of our Council of the Wise, thus effectively ‘killing God’ and then take over the ruling of the Alliance and of our Galaxy. For fear that Yahweh should come later as he had done before, and destroy their Satanic society by splitting them up and scattering them abroad. Which they knew Yahweh our Leader would definitely do. So they stupidly decided to ‘go to Heaven’ and eliminate Him beforehand.’

‘But as usual we still had Watchers who lived on Earth; and others with Galactic Class space vessels, who regularly reported on all activities taking place on Earth. The members of the Council of the Wise had been alarmed at the construction of this rocket.  And when their spies learnt of the plans of the Nephilim, they reported back to us. Our Leader Yahweh sent angels (this word means ‘messengers’ in our language’) to come down to Earth and see this particular city and the ‘tower’ being built in it.’

‘Sometimes as all Scriptures’ readers have surely noticed, even angels are called ‘the Lord’.  Even when they have given their proper names and declared that they were just heavenly beings who live in the presence of Yahweh (or God).’

‘They are given the name ‘the Lord’ because they come with the word, the orders and commandments of ‘God’ Yahweh. Therefore having been sent by Him, they also wield the same authority as Yahweh and all Elyonin or ‘God’ when fulfilling their duties.  And when during a scriptural conversation someone had called an angel ‘Lord’, those who shall read this should understand that the biblical human personage speaking had meant “Sir”.’

‘Of course when a real Angel of God Himself had appeared to a Prophet who uses the Mysteries, the expression had meant exactly what it were supposed to mean, just like it does to ourselves Elyonin, when an Angel of God appears to us’. So messengers came and saw the ‘Tower’ and reported back to Yahweh, and he said in a speech to the Council of the Wise:’

‘These people are all united in their aims, they speak the same language, and now they begin to do this. And as they propose to attack our Galaxy, if they are allowed to remain together, nothing shall stop them from actually attempting such a trip, when their knowledge has increased enough for them to build flying machines powerful enough for them to succeed.’

‘Obviously as you can see, our Leader Yahweh, saw according to the descriptions made to him, that their rocket or ‘Tower’ was useless and could not help them achieve their aims, that is reach our Galaxy. But the idea was there. So he contented himself with separating them. Therefore he sent an army of officers and messengers to come and ‘confuse their language, so that they may not understand each other.’ 

‘The confusion here does not mean that the city people suddenly could no longer understand each other literally. The way it was done is clearly explained: They were scattered abroad from there, over the face of the Earth’. That means that these learned people were each taken by the Watchers and placed separately in foreign countries where all the languages spoken were different from the Adamic Hebrew that these learned people still all spoke.’  

‘Do not forget that only the language of those human scientists who were in Erech and who belonged to the Renegade Satanic society of the Nephilim was confused. They therefore were the ones who ‘began speaking strange different languages’ to the people of the countries where they had been taken. Being thus isolated, they could no longer get together to plot things like building rockets to go to Heaven.’

‘Of course, this did not take place quietly. There was a violent war with the Nephilim. Most of their space vessels were destroyed and a lot of them were killed while the rest again fled in the vessels they could escape with and scattered again in their Renegade bases in this Galaxy.’ 

‘After that triumph the armies of Elyonin destroyed the ‘Tower’, rounded up the human scientists and gave them the choice of dying or being exiled abroad. These all chose exile and were thus taken each with his entire family to a different foreign country.’

‘Furthermore Yahweh our Leader decreed that the names of the human scientists and leaders of that particular society should never be written down to be known later by Humanity. So these people shall remain forever anonymous. That society was called the Akkadian Society by the Human inhabitants of Erech.’

‘So, as a result of the intervention from our armies, the building of the ‘tower’ was stopped. That was the entire and true reason why the building of the famous ‘Tower of Babel’ was undertaken.’

‘From Erech the name of that city became Babel Erech. The word ‘babel’ is from Hebrew: ‘balal’ which means ‘confuse’. Later, Erech was dropped from the name, and name of the city became Babel. Therefore if the young man from France comes and tells you Humans any fancy stories about how this happened, no one on Earth should believe him; he is a liar!’

‘After these people were scattered, their rocket was destroyed and their centers of culture closed and the Akkadian Society was disbanded. For a while the Nephilim stayed away from Palestine. Here, before I continue with our story. I shall first refresh your memory concerning the genealogy of the descendants of Noah through whom the Law of God was kept:


1-    NOAH had                         

2-   SHEM who had

3-  ARPACH’SHAD, who had

4-   SELAH, who had

5-   HEBER, who had

6-   PELEG who had

7-   RE’U who had

8-   SERUG who had

9-  NAHOR who had

10- TERAH who had



‘You probably have noticed that from the time of Noah, we no longer bothered with destroying any people who descended from the Nephilim. That is because we had decided that just one group of people were enough to keep our legacy.’

‘What went on in Palestine and the whole Middle East also went on around the whole Planet. We no longer bothered with the rest because no one amongst them was willing to follow our teachings or be faithful to us, even though some had managed to remain pure. Therefore, only those who had remained pure in line right from Adam interested us.  We could not always continue to exterminate humanity.’

‘Those faithful people were thus those who we called our Chosen People. And they and only they and their children and descendants were important to be named and remembered in the scriptures. It was for the purity of other nations on Earth that we decided to be lenient. For many, like virtually the whole Race of the Black African people, simply stopped believing in God, but never inter-married with the Renegades. Thus we again gave the Divine Law to the descendants of Abraham to keep, for the later enlightenment of Humanity as a whole.’

‘Therefore when these are known as the Chosen People it is not because we love the rest of Humanity any less, or that they are deemed superior to the rest of the Human Race. All Humans are loved and considered equal in our eyes and in the eye of God. And we chose a little African girl for this particular message because we know that many prejudices that should not be, exist now, and have existed for a long time on Earth.

This message is for those who until now have suffered prejudice and have been deemed unworthy by those who should know best. Therefore those who have suffered from this prejudice and who would not be willing to listen to those who have discriminated against them, should much more easily be willing to listen to and believe and follow this, our Little Messenger.’

‘No single nation should deem themselves worthier or more important or superior than others in the eye of God, for nobody knows God’s will or God’s ways better than God Himself.’   

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