Many more wars

‘Yekum, one of Lucifer’s own War officials who lead the Galactic rebellion with him, is the one who, on the advice of Lucifer, actually made the speech to seduce the Extra-Terrestrial guards and talked them into going and procreating children with human beings.  Kesab even used his special powers to inspire ideas of lust to those Watchers that were hesitant, and then pushed them to go and have sexual intercourse with human women.’

‘And Gadral, as well as luring Eve into a long carnal relationship with him, also taught the Humans the ways of inflicting death quickly and slowly. It was also at this time that Cain murdered Abel, and the true time of Adam’ and Eve’s transgressions; when they mated with the Extra-terrestrials.’

‘Gadral also taught them how to make the instruments that inflict death and torture; also those that can help avoid death in war. This was actually when Adam and Eve were thrown out of the Holy City.’

‘Kasyade is the one who revealed the most diabolic and evil arts to the children of men.  He taught them how to practice abortions, which were then forcibly practiced on the women of the People of God.’

‘Tenemue by his power revealed bitterness, softness and sweetness, in other words he taught hatred and prejudice, as well as sensuality to the Humans, and he uncovered to them all the secrets of false wisdom. Thus by him, Humanity has seen multiplying those that have lost and mislead themselves and others in their vain wisdom, from that time of the beginning till now; all those so-called scientists who have explained and continue to insist on explaining creation on Earth to themselves and to humanity in their own way. He is the one who teaches to atheists that there is no god, or to designate God as one of the visible things of creation, thus leading them and others to the practice of idolatry.’

‘It was also Tenemue who taught men to write, and showed them the use of ink and paper. For men were not created to consign their knowledge by means of paper. They were created and taught to imitate our purity and justice. Had they remained that way, they would never have known death. We have been giving you some of our means of remembering everything we teach you every day. That sweet liquid we give you to drink. You will see just how long you will remember our message and how it will help your brain faculties.’

‘The Humans we created used to consign everything to memory. But as soon as they began using paper, their brain capacities quickly became atrophied and their memories began to fail them. Knowledge that belonged to all became a commodity only reserved to a few who then used it to become masters over others. Not only that, impiety increased, mindless fornication multiplied, the creatures transgressed and corrupted their ways.’

‘Now you can begin to understand what great harm the Renegades did. For though they possessed some science, they kept it from the Humans, but the bit they showed them was not always for all.’

‘The Humans we created were never taught to eat meat, because we did not eat meat ourselves. Flesh and all product that comes from anything that has lived and been killed, do not belong in the Human body. Such products are harmful to the Human being. We had alternatives like milk and eggs, which are the only things coming from living beings worth eating by Man.’

But the Nephilim were giants, as you already know. They used Humans as their servants and made them bring and prepare all their food. Before long it became impossible to feed them. So they began to fall on the birds, the beasts, the reptiles and the fish to feed themselves, they also drank their blood. When the animals became rare to find, they fell on the Humans, especially the Men of God, and began to devour them in a savage and sickening orgy of cannibalism.’

‘But we Elyonin simply could not allow all the hard work that we had done to be totally destroyed by the Renegades. On Melchisedech’s advice, we again contacted Adam and his wife; who had become disappointed with the Renegades and had repented and reunited just before the birth of Seth, and had again begun to worship God. Their exile from the Holy City had lasted a hundred years before we returned in force. By that we mean that after the war during which they had been chased away, they repented not long after that, but Melchisedech let  a whole hundred years pass before he was sure of their sincere repentance, and allowed them to come and live with him again in the Laboratory City, which by then was called the “Holy City”.’

‘But that also took another very savage and bloody war between us and the Renegades and their children and descendants. The Renegades fled with many of the Nephilim. The remaining Nephilim were exterminated by us, after we chased them from our other City-Laboratories in which they had established themselves as gods.’

‘There, we had to again treat both Adam and Eve and render them pure and free from any alien diseases before Seth could be conceived and be born. Adam was then crowned King and High Priest, with Eve as his Queen. It was when Seth was born that Melchizedech was again confirmed as Elyonin’s Ambassador.  Adam and all leaders of the ‘People of God’ who were later also Kings established in their own kingdoms, paid tithes to him.’

‘We then helped Adam and Eve take control of the cities and to gather those few Humans who had remained loyal to us, and who had also remained pure by not intermarrying with the Nephilim or the Extra-terrestrials. Adam and Eve taught Seth how to operate the transmitters that we left them with, in order to contact Melchizedech and us. He also taught his children.’

‘We left them after creating more batches of pure humans from Adam, Eve, Seth and the other pure humans. Adam’s family was left to administer all divine rites and to lead the people as the leading pure family and people of God.’

‘Of course the Renegades came back again, not too long after we had left; and proceeded to again wage war against our faithful people, and to interbreed with those Humans who now lived in savage tribes throughout the Planet. They are the ones who chased Adam and his people from the cities for the last time in a savage War with him.’

‘When news came to us of what Satan, his friends, the Watchers and their children were doing again on Earth, an expedition lead by Michael, Gabriel Raphael and myself, Uriel, came back to Earth. By that time Enoch was now on Earth; and he was the one who contacted us with the transmitter which he had taken over, after becoming the leader of the pure race.’

‘He was a scientist as well as a prophet and Religious Leader, keeping the faith in God among the few people that still believed. Melchisedech was the one who met him regularly and educated him. Enoch and other Human scientists still had knowledge of the ‘Eternity Operation’, and they administered it to those who were worthy.’

‘Calling us had only become necessary as a last resort to him after trying many times to exhort the Watchers to turn back from their wickedness. After our first visit, we took Enoch with us for some time on another Planet of this Universe. Nobody back on Earth knew where he had been taken or what had happened to him.’

‘There, the Watchers who had refused to follow Lucifer and who had been called back named him ‘Enoch the Scribe’. There he was instructed even more deeply into the Mysteries. He was even taught how to adapt planets, and was given materials to do that.  Enoch was later brought back to Earth, and was sent to talk to the Fallen Watchers one last time; with the promise that if they came back they would be forgiven.’

‘He then went to talk to the Watchers and the Nephilim, but they refused to listen to him; and he barely escaped with his life after they tried to grab and kill him. That is when he used the materials we had given him and he adapted a large island that was nearly a continent. It was situated in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately off the coast of where North -West Africa is now, and which extended as far as to be close to where the islands off the American continent, the Caribbeans are. That island was named Atlantis.’  

‘Then a brutal war began between the Humans helped by us, and the Nephilim and the Watchers helped by the Renegades. As the Wicked Ones could not very well protect themselves on the mainland and sustained heavy losses; they lost the War.’

‘All the Watchers and their wives were rounded up, taken to and then forced to live on that planet their ancestors had first adapted long ago. Many Renegade Watchers moved to bases in the Arctic and Antarctic polar regions of Earth. The Nephilim who were half-human and who could not support the polar climate of Earth, where some of their parents’ bases had been, were allowed to go and live on Atlantis and to make their home on it. All those Humans who had allied themselves to them also went to live with them. At that time, there were flying crafts on Earth which were owned both by the humans and the Nephilim.’

‘That war had lasted three years, and the Nephilim and their followers, who also had experienced the kind of suffering they had been inflicting on Humans, were somehow subdued for a while. They became a great civilization; very scientifically evolved, but a very immoral one.’

‘They still rejected God and His existence and thrived in self-autonomy. Their only religion was science, as they believed that only science would help them create their own New World; a world without moral laws and a world without God. For having been brought up by their evil, perverted and bitter parents, they had all grown up and remained ruthless, wicked, violent and totally debauched; like their fathers and mothers before them.’

‘They were still in regular contact with their parents the Watchers, who now constantly roamed the Galaxies, and their greatest obsession and primordial aim as they were taught by their parents, was to go back to our Galaxy and vanquish Yahweh, the head of our Council of The Wise; because as long as he was still there, their dreams were never going to be realized.’

‘Their second obsession was that they were determined to win the whole of Humanity on their side and to stop them from worshipping God or even remembering His Name.  Failing that, they aimed to kill them all.’

‘We again left, after assigning a new contingent of Watchers for the Humans, under the leadership of Melchizedech. The Atlantean Nephilim began to come again to the main lands and to befriend them. They again began to teach them all sorts of false doctrines, encouraging them to indulge in unnatural perversions and causing them to commit idolatry, and worship the Stars, the Planets, the Fallen Angels or Renegades, and the Watchers and themselves as gods. They ordered those who allied themselves with them to commit horrific murders by making human sacrifices to Satan and his three friends Lucifer, Leviathan and Belial.’

‘For another three hundred years this state of affairs remained. The Nephilim and their fathers had built centers of culture all over Earth, teaching their false doctrines and disobedience to initiates, who also went and opened their own training centers. Again they encouraged their followers to make war with and kill all those who worshipped God, and most of all to offer them as blood sacrifices.’

‘They were therefore not the great people that the Young Man from France would want you to believe they were. If that is what he will teach, nobody should believe him, he is a liar.’

‘The Atlantean Civilization did not last long. By that three hundredth year, the majority of Humanity had reached the height of depravity, debauchery and wickedness; and their influence had spread on the whole of Earth. Those who agreed with them greatly outnumbered the People of God.’

‘Soon our Watchers could not properly protect the faithful. As they had to constantly fight Atlantean airborne raids, all their Earth bases had to be abandoned and they settled on temporary bases on Earth’s moon, Luna. But even there, they were not safe from the Atlanteans. So they reported back to our Government, and they asked for help from the Council of the Wise.’

‘When the Atlanteans’ attempts to kill Enoch became very frequent, and it seemed that they were going to succeed, Enoch too contacted us. It was decided that this time, the Nephilim were going to be dealt with once and for all; and our Watchers were sent reinforcements with orders to destroy Atlantis.’

‘In a week long fighting, most of the Nephilim died. But quite a large number of them who already knew of the impending disaster escaped in space vessels.  Many of them moved to the African continent. Others scattered themselves on the American continent. More others went to India. A great deal went to Ceylon where they built the original city of Pagan.’

‘Others went to where Korea now is and to China; also spreading to the Tibetan mountains and into Mongolia.  The rest made homes for themselves on the neighboring planets on old bases that they adapted for themselves. Then Atlantis was sunk into the waters in a week long series of explosions, earthquakes and fires provoked from above; and all pagan temples were destroyed on the Continents.’

‘But unfortunately the Nephilim were still on Earth and their followers were still loyal to them; and they continued, unabated, with their Satan worship, their idolatries and their debaucheries.  They rebuilt their temples and before long they again began pursuing, murdering and offering the ‘People of God’ in Sacrifice to Satan, Lucifer, Leviathan and Belial.’

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