Donations needed

I am the leader of the Order of the Essenes in Ivory Coast.
Mine is a poor mission in great distress. We urgently need help to secure the rental for our Tabernacle in Ivory Coast, and we need your help. We are being asked to pay a year advance rent for our place of worship, or we’ll be evicted. Help the Reverend keep this place of worship where she teaches and leads the members of the Order in prayers. The rent is paid until the 29th of July after which we’ll be evicted
So far I have used all my economies to rent the place of worship, where I also look after the handicaped and abandoned aids-suffering children. Now I have depleted all my funds. Those who worship with me are so poor that they rarely have any coins for alms. Many children and disabled people have come to depend on me for a meal each day and adults for their spiritual welfare. All they have is me for help, for food, for a home and for human warmth. Now I am being threatened with eviction from where I live and do my charitable worth.
I am a foreigner living in a foreign land with only my faith and love to spur me on. Now I need the help of all good-natured people out there to help me continue my charitable missionary work. Please, donate all you can.
I pay £216.88 a month for rental. it will cost £40000 to buy the Tabernacle outright. That is the amount I wish to raise. And £5000 for a second-hand minibus to drive around and collect my homeless people and abandoned kids.
But you do not have to donate money without getting anything in return. I quite proficient at distance-healing and prayer. Ask for healing or prayer with your donation and I will be happy to oblige.
I am a British individual working in this mission. It has become a home and a place for a hot meal for the people I help. I live and conduct all my work in the same place. Was I to close and return to England. All their hopes will be lost.
This is a cry for help. Please, find a place in your heart to help me keep paying the rent and keep this place open. If we were to buy this facility, our charges won’t lose their home to go back in the streets. Thanks in advance.